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Internationally, Milan is well known as one of the capitals of design and fashion. On top of all exclusive appointments such as the Design Week and one of the BIG4 Fashion Week, there are plenty of exhibit spaces open to the public year-round. The result is a unique mix of traditional and contemporary art that can give the international fashionista a good amount of artsy inspiration and pure wonder.

Business 2016 OFFF Conference Feat Img

Step out of your comfort zone. Work with people who can do the things you can’t. The 2016 OFFF Conference is the perfect place to get innovative insights from global creative talent. Stylight’s design team was there and has shared some cool learnings.

Lifestyle 'Commit to Something' Equinox - Best PR Stunt Ideas - Stylight Blog HEADER

Is all publicity good publicity? More and more provocative press tactics have been used by brands in the last months in order to catch the attention of digitally savvy millennials. But is it always beneficial for a brand or can it do more harm than good? Check out our compilation of the top 6 best PR stunt ideas!

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The Stylight office, Oktoberfest – two very good reasons to love living in Munich but just what else makes this city so great? Here you are 6 reasons to consider moving to Munich.

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Formerly an industrial wasteland and now—arguably—the most fashionable area in the city, our five story walk-up office stands in the heart of this shopping mecca. Want to know what makes us say ´GO´when it comes to SOHO? find out our 5 fav unique stores here…

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Coffee is the liquid gold all Stylighters carefully sip throughout the day. Keen to see where the coffee-lovers sip away out of office hours in Munich? From Laden to Man Versus Machine or Stereo Cafe, read and discover here…

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