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After the Stylight Talents Program and in our aim to keep investing in the best lifestyle ecommerce professionals, we launched the Stylight Trainee Program with the goal to provide graduates with practical experience within an international e-commerce environment. Up for the challenge?

Taking place during a 12 month period and being able to rotate within the different teams of the department; the traineeship is characterized by the full integration of the new team member in Stylight’s flat-hierarchy and by their development to become a Junior of the team.

Let’s get started!

Julia Reger is our very first trainee, doing her traineeship within the Brand Marketing department with a focus on PR. She unveils her biggest learnings and best experiences through 5 topics!

A Trainee at Stylight

1. The Brand Marketing Journey – Rotating Traineeship

During my year of traineeship I’m rotating teams – this way I get a lot of insights on what parts come together to produce unique content and push the brand forward. Rotating teams gives you so many advantages: there are different skills which you learn in each and every team, from time management and negotiating skills in the events team, to brainstorming techniques in the content team, and writing and research skills in the editorial one. On top of that, I get to know a wide selection of programs and tools that I can use in my future career. Facing new challenges every day prevents my working day from getting too repetitive and boring, and in a company with over 200 employees, it’s a great opportunity to getting to know your teammates better.

2. Event Management or How to Make Style Happen – Stylight Awards 2016

First Stop event team: Before my time in the event team I witnessed the Stylight events from a visitor’s perspective. You just see that one evening with its sparkling lights, great music and countless event specials. But diving deeper into what is behind this one evening made me appreciate all the small details that go into it and so much more.

Have you, for example, ever seen all the routing signs around the Event area showing the way to the different areas? Yes, there were actually people there before, discussing this one and only spot where you can’t miss it. Organizing an event goes from partner acquisition to guest list and travel management, branding and deco, booking management and show production. To prepare an awesome event briefing, people and teamwork are nuts and bolts!Stylight-Awards-2016---Admiralspalast-Berlin-Yard

The key essential I learned is always keeping calm, ‘cause organizing events is an endurance test. So if you’ve ever heard it’s one of the most stressful jobs, well, that’s true! But there are also experiences which will make you never want to quit this amazing job. I never got to know so many people in such a small amount of time ever before this it what makes being an event manager so much fun.

3. From Local to Global and Vice Versa! – Working for the DACH and the Global Teams

Working for a local market means not only being part of the local team, but also of the big global team where all country-responsibles brainstorm on global projects together. Creating local campaigns for the DACH region gives me the opportunity to create the perfect tailored content for our German-speaking countries. If someone in the team comes up with a spontaneous idea it’s easy to realize it within a short time.

Trainee at Stylight - Julia Reger 2

It all takes a bit longer if you have to think of content that is interesting for all of our global markets at one time. But working on long-term projects with people from over 20 different nations teaches you to think outside the box. And speaking English with my global colleagues every day made my skills improve from zero to hero.

4. All the Way to London! Working from a Satellite Office

After my time in the event team was over it was social time! During those two weeks I visited our Global Social Media Manager, Charlotte, in the London office. When I arrived I was already very keen about the inspiring atmosphere in the office. It is placed in the vibrant quarter of Shoreditch with plenty of fashion companies and pop-up stores around. 

Joining meetings with your Munich and New York colleagues via video call feels weird at first, but actually it doesn’t make much difference sitting on the opposite side of the screen – just don’t forget about the time difference! With our many communication tools, online strategy boards and video calls, it was easy to keep an eye on everything even though I worked abroad. I had a lot of trainings such as analyzing our global social media channels or building up a content schedule and gained more expertise on how we can reach our users on social.

Trainee at Stylight - Julia Reger 3

5. Let’s PRize!

During the long journey through the company, the traineeship focuses on becoming a fully skilled PR manager. Therefore I’m taking part in internal and external workshops, learning how to write press releases or how the perfect PR pitch works. Through my monthly trainee check-in’s with my supervisors, I can always ask them for help to develop my professional skills. A lot of skills I gained in the other teams help me a lot when working as a PR. Not only negotiating and writing, but also networking, communicating and presenting in front of and with external people.

With all that coming together in the end, I learned everything I needed for taking the step into a junior position.

The Trainee Program is a perfect opportunity to learn all the important steps for taking on a Junior position and getting some orientation in the company’s processes – Julia Reger

|By Julia Reger – Trainee Brand Marketing|


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