Despicable Me Minions vs. The Shining



“I try new things almost every day.
I love rock climbing, scuba diving, and I play with LEGO as part of my profession.
If I stop playing or being childish, I am most probably dead.”


Full name: Torsten Wunderlich (you don’t want my middle names, right?), my  ID card says I´m currently 43.
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Agile Coach
What did you study: Computer sciences and software engineering
Nationality: German
Home town: Born in Berlin but home is always where I live, so currently it is Munich.
Pets: I had a dog and a pack of 7 rats (intelligent little buggers!) from my girlfriend. However, currently I have none.
Favourite purple item: The evil Minions from Despicable Me 2.
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? Maybe with one of our software engineers. Sometimes I like to lay my hand on code again. But I think I am not good enough anymore.
How do you have your coffee? Black. Only.
Favourite Munich hotspot? Can’t say. Discovering new things every day.
A book you´d like to recommend? Many, but today I´d recommend Turn the Ship around by David Marquet


“I like to run in the mountains.
In general, running, rocks and mountains occupy a big place in my life.”


Full name: Damien Verichon, 29
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Business Development Manager
What did you study: Economics with specialization in International Finance. That was very interesting as I graduated few months after the subprime crisis hit the world!
Nationality: French
Home town: Brantôme. It is as much small as it is pretty. If you hang around in South-West France and need calm and relaxation, I highly recommend it
Pets: none, although I’d love to have a big and fit dog to run with me. Currently it’s quite complicated with a flat in the city center though.
Favourite purple item: Purple iris
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? I guess a back-end developer as I am always curious to understand the magic behind the scenes.
How do you have your coffee?: Short and strong
Favourite Munich hotspot? Le Faubourg, French restaurant. For a good restaurant you pay of course a bit more than in France but the quality is worth it and the guys there know what they are talking about.
A book you´d like to recommend? The Shining by Stephen King, I read it when I was 12 and I still remember everything. And it still makes me shake.




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