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We all agree that September is the other January don’t we? Let’s face it, though: sometimes we need some help. That’s why we asked some Stylighters to help us finding the right approach to forget white beaches and palms and start the new season in the office with the best spirit. With a book, of course.

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After the vacation month, it is time to tidy up your desk, get a coffee and come back to the office! If you want to go through all that without suffering from post-vacational blues, take a look at our top 3 management techniques for office workers which will not only boost your productivity but also smooth your return into work!

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Ready to take the next step and reinvent your business model? At Stylight we’ve collected 5 tactics to successfully hype your business strategy, from the “Trial & Error method” to emotional tactics. Check it out and let’s hype!

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Welcome to our third instalment of “Under the Desk” with Stefan, Business Analyst at Stylight! Wondering how it is to work surrounded by figures, data and reports? Get to know him and his passion for Spanish food…

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Our ‘Out of hours with…’ series gives you the chance to discover Stylighters’ hobbies outside the office. You would (maybe) never imagine what our API Developer Francesco is passionate about.


At Stylight the opportunity to facilitate retros is open to everyone and is an important step towards more self-organized teams. Our Business Analyst, Stefan, took this opportunity and facilitated the retros for a team for three months: here are some interesting things that he discovered during this time.

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