TechFest Munich – Hacking on IoT with AWS and NodeMCU


Last week-end was one of the best hackathon I’ve ever attended. Actually the best one. Big props to the team at Unternehmertum / Tech Talent for such an amazing event. Crazily well organized, tons of things to play with, and “Not just a hackathon”. Indeed being open to digtial Art creation, bio hacking and having the MakerSpace made available for anyone to use was one of a kind experience.

Stylight Tech was there, supporting the event with a talk on the AWS track: “How to get started with IoT with AWS and NodeMCU for less than 5 euros”. The talk was well received and a few teams used AWS and NodeMCU as a fondation for their projects. See below the embedded Slideshare presentation. You can also find the whole project on my github

Here is a recap video, where you can listen to Jaime from relayr talking about his project and a few pictures from the event to give you a better idea of the overall awesomeness of it.




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