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In August 2016 Instagram disrupted the Story telling landscape with a new feature, describing it as photos and videos that ‘disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed’; sounds familiar, no? Since then there has been a noticeable shift of content from Snapchat and Instagram (and viceversa), and it was never more noticeable than at the social media haven that is fashion week.

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One might argue that it is just a matter of taste, whether users would like a new CI or not, and therefore it is more or less irrelevant. But even subtle changes could affect the whole experience of your website – in a good or a bad way. Our UX expert, Alex, discusses what happened when Stylight involved users in its company rebranding process.

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São Paulo Fashion Week is breaking industry rules by ditching traditional collection tittles ‘Fall/Winter’ & ‘Summer/Spring’ to create a ‘No-Season SPFW’ as of 2017. How will this affect Brazilian sales? Could it generate a major change on local and international sales? Get more insights on the Brazilian fashion landscape!

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Thanks to our friend social media, a new wave of festival goers have made even the most average festival grow in popularity. And fashion & lifestyle brands are quick to jump on the trend. Grab your denim shorts and read our thoughts about festival marketing potential!

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How can we achieve a better understanding of the information that we have within our company? If this is one of the questions that stresses your workday, sit down and let Stylight’s experts give you their tips. One of them? “Don’t let your data visualization stand alone: use it to tell a compelling story.” Enjoy.

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Turns out we love our yoga pants just as much as Beyonce. Athleisure has become a worldwide phenomenon, with brands like Zara, Topshop, and H&M all offering their own activewear collections. Are we witnessing a new era of Fit-Fast-Fashion? Here’s what we had to say…

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After years of scepticism between the fashion industry and its tech counterpart, wearable tech takes a step forward in confirming itself as fashion’s newest statement. But where do we stand now? Let’s jump into the fashion-tech landscape!

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