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At STYLIGHT we have a great focus on the personal development of our employees, and so travelling to conferences all over the planet in order to learn new things and get to know new and interesting people is part of our work ethic. There was no comparable training and networking event in Munich, so we simply decided to host our own conference for developers by developers. The conference we founded is designed to connect experts within the industry and share experiences amongst developers and tech enthusiasts. And since it takes place in our stunning industrial style office in the heart of Bavaria, no name would be more appropriate than “daho.am”, meaning “at home” in Bavarian dilect.



Sebastian Schuon, CTO and co-founder of STYLIGHT, welcoming our guests

So this year on June 12th the daho.am conference finally went into its second round and this year’s version was even bigger and better than last year’s. Not only in the number of attendees but also with regard to the speakers that shared their valuable insights of different tech fields. Within one year the daho.am doubled in size from 200 to over 398 participants (and 1 dog!) and developed into a “must attend” date in the developer conference calendar.



Not only male techies joined our conference!

The day started out with a perfectly blue sky and a “Weisswurst Breakfast” in the beer garden set up in front of the STYLIGHT office, where 500 pairs of Weisswurst found their way into our stomachs. After this awesome daho.am-style start, the international crowd (consisting of attendees from over 10 countries) was welcomed with a warm, and very traditional, “SERVUS” to the conference by Sebastian Schuon and Anselm Bauer (the CTO and Co-Founders of STYLIGHT, respectively). They talked about STYLIGHT and our vision to become the fastest growing digital magazine in Germany, that we are more than “just” a fashion company, and why we are hosting this amazing tech event. Then the stage was open to our incredible speakers from companies like Spotify, Google, Rocket Internet, Microsoft, Wooga and many more. Throughout the day the daho.am attendees could listen to ten talks organized in 2 parallel tracks – one taking place in the STYLIGHT office, one at our neighbours Freeletics’ office.



The stage at our event sponsor’s office Freeletics

As a Munich-based company and host of the daho.am, we of course had the mission to uphold (fashion) traditions so many STYLIGHTers wore their “Lederhosen”.
Also, a traditional band played during the coffee break in the afternoon 🙂



The traditional Bavarian band

Thanks to our amazing attendees who really enjoyed the home-like (daho.am) atmosphere and the amazing talks, our hashtag #dahoam15 started trending shortly after the start of the conference.      


Our Engineering Team keeping track on the twitter trend #dahoam15!


One attendee remarked: “I wish there were more companies like you out there, fresh, open-minded and with new and brilliant ideas. Some place to really feel “dahoam“.

We were lucky enough to have perfect, sunny weather during the day which also meant both attendees, as well as speakers, appreciated our #tweet4beer service: by simply tweeting your track and row number, one of our hostesses delivered a fresh beverage right to your seat. The first beer was delivered at 9:45 to an obviously more than thirsty developer, and throughout the rest of the day 60 more cold drinks found their way to the parched crowd.



Keeping up with Bavarian traditions throughout the whole conference

Not only our guests loved the “#tweet4beer” special: Even our speakers were super happy to be surprised by getting an ice cold beer rewarded for a tweet!

After an interesting day full of conversations and insightful talks, one thing is a given in Bavaria: an ice cold “Maß” in the beer garden. So a fleet of awesome AUDI E-shuttles drove us to the famous Hirschgarten beer garden where we had dinner and cold drinks – in total more than 500 Maß! “Ez oba bier”



Thanks to all speakers for their great talks and insights!

To the 12% of no-shows we can only say one thing: you really missed out big time! As we not only proof right here 🙂

To everyone else, see you next year #dahoam16!

|By Bernhard Obereder|



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