Data Heroes Pt. 3


How we leverage data at Stylight – Part 3

In our blog series about Data Heroes, we share how we solve data challenges at Stylight. As mentioned in our previous posts we are working together with domain experts from various teams on tackling the data topics of Stylight.

In bi-weekly Data Hero sessions, we share best practices about how to analyze data and offer a forum for data initiatives to continuously improve our data usage.

Let’s hear what our Data Hero Mentor Ankita has to say:

Tell us about your position at Stylight

I am a part of the Data Platform team and working as a Data Analyst.

As a team, we ensure a reliable and integrated data pipeline across the different teams. We also mediate between the domain specialists and technical experts to manage a fully functional data platform that can be used to generate insights and turn them into scalable impact.

We are like neurons in the brain of Stylight! 😉

My day to day activity includes investigating the data behaviour, tracking and monitoring KPIs and providing data insights to support management decisions.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love numbers and my role offers me a playground to crunch numbers, see the hidden information from data and deliver storytelling in the form of data visualisations.

It perfectly fits the SMART framework: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

How do you use data for making data-informed decisions?

There are various steps involved in data processing: Understanding the data, developing and tracking KPIs, capturing and flagging anomalies, building hypotheses and investigating it. This ends in closing down to the business problem and suggesting a solution to resolve it.

More often than not it is continuous learning and hence exciting with new challenges every day.


What is the biggest struggle of other teams when working with data?

I think to find the right data source and then understanding the data behaviour. Since it is not intuitive, it often becomes a bottleneck.

There is an end to end understanding required to transform data into information. Sometimes, it is just present locally within each team, hence missing the entire picture.

How do you help other Data Heroes to overcome these problems?

With Data Heroes, we identify team-specific challenges and how we can automate manual tasks to make life simpler for everyone.

Additionally, we introduce and try out different tools and techniques to extract and visualise the data.

We continue to evolve by learning from each other – discussing ideas on Stylight’s goals and OKRs, how to capture and analyze them.

This was the last post of our data hero blog post series. We hope you enjoyed it. 😊

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Ankita Ladha and Stefan Tippelt



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