Docker and CoreOS Meetups


As early-adopters of Docker, and since Johann – who organizes the Docker and CoreOS meetups in Munich – joined the team recently as our Engineering Evangelist, we felt that we could do more for the community. As such, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting the forthcoming containers events in Munich.

Our next event will feature Jonathan Boulle from CoreOS who will be speaking on August 26th about Designing an open standard for running applications in containers.  RSVP

Here is the abstract for Jon’s talk:

2015 has been declared by some to be the “year of the production-ready container.” The open container specifications are an attempt to write-down an interoperable set of specifications for use by different application container runtimes; on Linux this includes Docker, kurma, and rkt.

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We will host a Docker meetup in September as well and we’re actively looking for speakers. Feel free to ping johann.romefort (at) for talks proposals!

Here is the video from the last Docker meetup at STYLIGHT, featuring Dominic Philipps talking about how we deployed containers in production.


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