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Exactly what does go on after closing time at Stylight? Since launching the ‘Out of hours with…’ series; we delve deeper into the world of our Stylighter’s… ‘after hours’.

Join us as we catch up with Elisabeth, our VP Product Processing and pretty good cook…

NAME: Elisabeth
AGE: 28

What’s your role at Stylight?
I’m VP Product Processing. That means I’m responsible for bringing our vast assortment of products live, all nice and shiny and well categorised, so our users can find that perfect navy striped blouse or polka dot evening clutch they were searching for.

Any hidden passions or hobbies?
I’m a food blogger, so I love cooking! No elaborate five course affairs that include a sous-vide cooker, triple-fried potatoes and adorable artsy-craftsy table décor, though… My recipes typically ask for a couple of fresh, low-carb ingredients, creative use of spices, and are quick and easy to make – perfect for a work-night.

When did you first start your food blog? Was it a childhood dream of yours to get crafty with cooking? And how did you discover it?
I started blogging just to get rid of my slightly yucky collection of oil-stained recipes ripped out of magazines and scribbled sticky notes (my barely legible handwriting confuses and amuses my team at work, too). When friends kept asking how to make certain certain dishes that I had cooked for them, I started fleshing out the bare lists of ingredients into actual recipes, added photos and started to share little stories around the recipes – combining my long-standing love for writing with my new foodie ambitions.

Elisabeth food blogging Stylight

What does it bring to you? Why do you like it so much?
I still have my sticky note recipe collection, so the blog never really fulfilled its original purpose. However, it prevents me from forgetting how to make ‘that chorizo and shrimp thing’ and also lets me share my food ideas with my friends and colleagues – and when the blog statistics show that someone from New Zealand has clicked through most of your archive or your friend’s mum’s coworker says she loves your Venison Gin & Tonic Style – that’s pretty cool, too.

Define your passion as a hashtag
#yum. Also, #cheese.

Elisabeth food blogging Stylight

And the power outfit to rock it?
Anything that’s improved by food stains.

Any advice for someone who would like to start food blogging? For example, fav app(s)?
Try WordPress. You can set it up in no time, select cool layout themes and it’s free and easy to use. As for attitude, don’t expect the world to sit up and take notice of your first 100 impressions; 70 will be you, 29 your mum and 1 from that guy who can’t spell and searched for “hangarian style tarhonya” (a traditional Hungarian egg pasta, in case you were wondering). It can only go up from there.

Pots and Potsibility blog Elisabeth Stylight


Who or what is the social muse you like to follow?
Heidi Swanson’s blog 101 Cookbooks is awesome and easy to cook from. If you’re interested in the science behind food, check out America’s Test Kitchen and the super creative Ideas in Food. I also enjoy watching Heston Blumenthal’s delightfully insane pursuit of food perfection on TV (BBC homepage here).

Is there anything you would like to add?
Go forth and cook! For inspiration, go check out my blog Pots and Potsibility. Please feel free to comment and share! 




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