Happy anniversary: 10 years at Stylight!


4 of our amazing Stylighters celebrated their 10 year anniversary at Stylight this year. Wow – what an amazing reason to celebrate! Congratulations and and a big thank you to Marine, Damien, Carina and Marie! Of course we took the chance to also learn more about their way at Stylight, the biggest milestones of their careers and their wishes for Stylight.


How did you start at Stylight and where are you now?

Carina: I applied at Stylight for a working student position in the Quality Assurance team and tagged fashion items depending on their color, style, form, pattern etc. Today I am working as People & Organization Manager serving as business partner for several teams at Stylight.

Damien: I started with the launch of the French website, signing our very first partners on the platform in France. It was really exciting to launch a new business in my home country. I am currently Chief Operating Officer.

Marie: I heard that Stylight was looking for a Swedish speaking “Business Development & Content Community Manager” and it matched my profile. A colleague back then left at the same time, which made it even easier to switch 🙂 Now, two parental leaves later, I am doing Partner Growth for the DACH market and I stilllove my job… 🙂

Marine: I started at Stylight as a Community Manager for the launch of the website in France back in August 2012. Today I’m leading the Content team and together we are responsible for all the content produced at Stylight, from the editorial content to the data-driven trend reports.


Tell us about 3 milestones in your career at Stylight!

Carina: 1. My 2 first years as a working student were just magical: the office, the vibe, the parties, the colleagues turned into friends – it was the PERFECT working student job ever!!! 2. I have just started full time as Team & Office Manager when suddenly all of the P&O team quit or was let go, which meant I had to take over and also onboard future P&O managers, which was a huge challenge – but at the same time the start into my HR career. 3. Running an agile, self organised P&O team for 5 years.

Damien: (1) Launching and growing the French site was a big milestone for me personally back then, and also a lot of fun, (2) I then started working more and more with our engineering teams, developing products for our advertisers and our teams (3) Working in the management team to continue developing and improving our company.

Marie: The first one was the launch of the Swedish Stylight site, the second one was the shift to pure content and community marketing where we got to be very reactive, organise events and work with influencers. The third one was probably the shift back to sales and account management, this time for the German market, which gives me the possibility to work in my (nowadays!) second language German 🙂

Marine: The first important milestone would probably be the successful launch of the French market that quickly became an important market for Stylight, then it would be a more personal one, the shift from pure community management to PR & Content Marketing and finally the last one would be to get some leadership responsibilities. But I’m very much hands-on and still enjoy being fully responsible for the French content marketing activities and PR.


If you had one wish for Stylight, what would it be?

Carina: That we stay as awesome as we are – as a company, a team, a family!

Damien: Always be this place that continuously challenges itself to give the very best for our Stylighters, partners and users.

Marie: To stay stylish, up to date and creative, and to keep hiring cool people who are not just clever but also fun and open minded – just the way it has always been!

Marine: My wish for Stylight is to continue being a great place to work, a company that listens to its people, cares and supports them.



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