Pearls, Braces and a Christmas Goose: Happy Holiday Greetings from Stylight


Keeping our infamous Christmas card from last year in mind, the likes of which made even Tom Selleck jealous, it was about as easy as keeping Wham’s Last Christmas out of your head, to come up with a new, mind-blowing, outrageous idea for our 2015 edition. A video parody of Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas? An alpine cottage scenery with skiing idyll? Or a minimalistic holiday design made by our creative team? The struggle was real.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Card
As December was suddenly fast approaching (it’s the same every year isn’t it? Before you know it, Christmas is just around the corner!), the pressure was on! But as always with good ideas, they suddenly hit you when you least expect it. And as cheesy as this last sentence sounds, we wanted to have a theme for our 2015 Christmas card.

God Save the Housewives! And the Christmas Goose…
So, after the memorable Farrah Fawcett hairdos we attempted last year, we decided to step another few decades back and go for the perfectly-preened housewifely look of the 1950s. In perfect Truman Show style, we ordered pearls, petticoats, and poofy dresses for the ladies, but to pull the full 1950s family portrait off, our guys had to embrace their inner Frank Sinatra circa High Society! Goodbye, oversized knits; hello, tank top jumpers and braces… Very fitting! And it wouldn’t be a Stylight Christmas card, if we didn’t ramp it up with a prop or two. High five to those of you who can find our Christmas goose, Christmas cake mix and whisk, and red wine glasses… and yes, our small kitsch Christmas tree.

Stylight Christmas Card


Styligth Christmas Card


Meanwhile, the Show Must Go On!
Our learning of 2014: Panic (we were only able to order 20 Christmas jumpers for 130 people) does not only make you creative, but also more efficient. And yes, we wanted to have another cool Christmas card. And no, we didn’t have the time nor the amount of outfits needed to take one big group picture with all team members together. So, once again, praise Photoshop and our creative organisational skills!

Stylight Xmas cards backstage

Just like last year, we turned our idea of a sleek 1950s Holiday look into an array of Chritsmassy goodness: photographing small groups in turn, swapping outfits and repeating. Fun side note: We always generate our signature Stylight gif with this method.

Backstage Stylight Xmas cards

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
It took us a total of 24 hours, 20 outfits, a bit of convincing for a few grinches, 2 photographers and one designer (thanks Phil for your effort) to create our Christmas card. And yes, we are digital natives, living and breathing the online world, but we want to show our Stylight partners and friends the appreciation they deserve. Meaning: Yes, we print our Christmas cards, as well and sit down and write a personal note on them. Not to mention, braving the post office to get those season’s greetings out to you in time. Just the snowy part is something that we really envy in our online version. Hello, it’s responsive snow! Is there anything that could beat that?!




On behalf of our management and the whole Stylight team, we wish you and your beloved ones

a very Happy Holidays and an enjoyable festive season

and we’re looking forward to another successful year!


|By Joëlle Homberger|



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