Behind the scenes of the 2014 Stylight Happy Holidays



We Wish You Happy Holidays!

When deciding on the design for our 2014 Happy Holidays card a few things came to mind, however unfortunately an Alpine chalet filled with fluffy bunnies just wasn’t on the cards. Gutted. Anyway, we got to thinking about alternatives and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rock an 80s style Christmas jumper, big hair & recreate some of our favourite awful family Christmas portraits from back in the day. Hairspray: check. Mullet: check (there was one about, see if you can spot it!) Tom Selleck style moustaches: oh hey. Cheesy 80s polyester sweaters: CHECK.



Peter stepped in as our fanatastic photographer, thank you!


The whole shoot was skillfully arranged by our top team, working to photo every STYLIGHTer in their most 80s-tastic getup, which was provided by our pals at ASOS–big thanks! Unfortunately 100+ matching festive jumpers don’t come easy at a few days notice and so we used our creative ingenuity to turn 20 or so sweaters into an array of Christmassy goodness; photographing small groups in turn, swapping jumpers and repeating. God bless Photoshop and those who know how to exploit it!



Dressing up is something we do together. Everyone lend a hand to get this mini-project done.



Positions had to be taken as precisely as possible.



Our Asos jumpers set the quirky 80s mood – thank you Asos!

The end result was an incredible ode to all those sad-faced children, grumpy parents, and confused family pets that have been forced over the years to don matching sweaters, coordinating hairstyles and try and spread festive cheer through their annual Christmas cards. We hope you like it 😉

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Love from,


P.S. click on the image below for even more festive spirit (speakers required!)




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