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Are you curious to find out how we hire our talented & ambitious employees? At Stylight, we do not make a mystery about our HR recruitment process – from the first second on we want our applicants to know what to expect! Thus, we will give you an exclusive insight into each step of our process.

The Selection Process

Stylight Application Process

Step 1: Online Application

On you can find all of our open positions – feel free to explore the descriptions, get inspired and finally find the perfect one for you! Of course, we always keep our website updated to ensure that all jobs shown still need to be filled. We really know how much time, energy & effort it takes to prepare a complete application and therefore we want to give you the same level of care and support with your application in return. If you have found your dream job, just click on “Apply now” and get connected to our online application system. There you can upload all the relevant documents: your CV, your cover letter, your references, and your certificates. It is a very fast & easy way to apply online. So keep in mind: You are just a few clicks away from starting your exciting & ambitious career at Stylight! At Stylight everybody can find a position, which corresponds to his or her working experience & educational background: from working student positions over internships to permanent ones for juniors and seniors – we got it all!

Step 2: Confirmation Mail

When you have completed all steps of the online application you will receive a confirmation mail. At this point it is our turn – so just lean back and relax for a few days until you hear back from us!

Step 3: Screening

What is next? Our recruiters and hiring managers will look through your application to find out if your skills and experiences match the profile of the position. Usually, we will get back to you in two to three weeks. If we, unfortunately, can not consider your application any further, we will let you know as soon as possible. At times, if there is, for example, a high number of applications the process might take a little bit longer – but do not worry, we will always keep you up-to-date. In this step of the recruiting process, the methods used in our departments may differ – there could be a Pre-Interview or some hands-on tasks:

  • Pre-Interview: it will be conducted by one of our recruiters, will take 15-20 minutes and is usually done via Skype, telephone or Google Hangouts. The main goal is to get to know the most important things about you as a person, your background & your experiences. We are eager to get more insights into the things you love and those which thrill & motivate you. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity for you to get to know us – you are welcome to ask everything you have always wanted to know!
  • Tasks: some of our departments send out tasks to applicants. By solving them creatively you get a first hands-on impression of your upcoming responsibilities at Stylight.

Step 4: Main-Interview

The next mandatory step in our HR recruitment process will be a Main-Interview with the Hiring Manager and usually one other team member. Depending on where you are located, we will either have an interview via Skype or invite you to come to our office – to make sure that it is easy for both of us. Feel free to have a look around and get a first impression of our Stylight office and our creative minds. The interview will take about 60 minutes and as we are humans as well and know that you might be nervous it is all about getting to know you with all your passions, strengths & little weaknesses. Of course, we will try to find out if you fit the Stylight team. Depending on the position you are applying for we will additionally ask you to solve hands-on tasks, case studies or scenario questions.

Step 5: Management-Interview

If you proceed to the next round, there will be a Management-Interview. This means that one of our Managing Directors also wants to get to know you.
As one of our outstanding candidates who makes it to the last round, we really want to ensure that this position is the perfect one for you and that you will feel comfortable in your team. In order to have a closer look at these aspects we have the following options:

  • Team Meet: join us for a cup of coffee or have a delicious lunch with us to meet your new team members in a casual & personal way.
  • Reference Check: we will contact one of your references to get a better overview of all the things you have done in your previous job.
  • Probational Day: you will work in the department for one day to get an insight into your future job and your colleagues.

Step 6: Contract Offer

Congratulations! You have made it! Now you are the new member of our Stylight-family! We are very happy to welcome you on board of our international team, to work with you on innovative projects and to let our creative ideas run wild with you. From now on you can experience different cultures at Stylight, stay fit by joining our sports courses and get our support to develop yourself.

Five points to catch our interest right away:

1. First, get some information about Stylight and read the job description thoroughly.
2. Tell us why you would like to work for Stylight and why your skills & experiences match the position you are applying for.
3. Please ensure that your CV is either adapted to the English or German job description.
4. Check if you have uploaded your completed documents (CV, cover letter, relevant certificates & references).
5. Keep in mind that it has to be a match for both sides – if you have any questions, concerns or you want to talk about other job opportunities at Stylight, please let us know!

Our HR Team

We are a power team that keeps the Stylight heart beating fast! Our team consists of two HR Managers, who are always full of creative ideas & enthusiasm. We are always there for you to find your dream job and achieve your career goals at Stylight. So please do not hesitate to ask all unanswered questions buzzing around in your head!
If you have a passion for fashion & technology and you are up for the challenge, check out our Job page. We are always looking for new talents with a proactive approach to join us in our headquarters in Munich (Germany) or in our office in Philadelphia (USA).
We are really looking forward to your application :)!


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