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There are two sides to every Styligher and in our last instalment of ‘Out of hours with…’ we present you Miriam, working within the Global Brand Marketing team and passionate about kickboxing! Discover her content marketing knockout…

What’s your role at Stylight?
I belong to the Global Brand Marketing Team, so my goal is to raise Stylight’s brand awareness worldwide!

Any hidden passions or hobbies?
Kickboxing is my latest passion. Some of my friends were really surprised when they discovered it, but I think no other sport could match my personality better!

When did you first start your hobby?
I’ve always been attracted to martial arts but it was not until short time ago, when I started practising them constantly. I started boxing and then I moved to kickboxing. I also practise K1 sometimes but I still need to improve a lot at it (it combines techniques from Muay Thai,Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Karate so it’s pretty intense!). I guess that unconsciously I was pursuing that childhood dream of being a strong, self-sufficient woman! 😉

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What does it bring to you?
During my whole life, I’ve practised different types of sports (Swimming, HIIT and Classical Dance are some of them) but with kickboxing I really feel I found THE sport. During the training you need to keep so focused that all the other thoughts vanish away. It’s such a complete and challenging workout, both for body and mind…. And, as hard as the trainings are, I always feel more energetic after them!

Please define your passion in one hashtag

The power outfit to rock it?
Bare feet, hand bandage and…, gloves, of course.

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Any advice for someone who would like to start?

You don’t get judged as a beginner and usually the more experienced ones help you a lot. However, perseverance and hard work are really appreciated so you’d better be serious about it!

Who or what is the social muse you like to follow?
@fit_trio on Instagram. Is not directly connected to kickboxing but I think the message behind the account is so powerful: basing her tips on her own experience (she was on a restrictive/obsessive diet while she followed a demanding fitness plan for a long time) encourages women of all around the world to love themselves as they are and to work just to become a healthier version of themselves, without getting frustrated by unfeasible goals set by nowadays society.

Anything you would like to add.
Do more of what makes you happy 🙂

|By Miriam Gaztelumendi – Brand Marketing Intern|


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