Learning Machine Learning at DAHO.AM19


The 2019 edition of DAHO.AM was a joint effort of Bits & Pretzels and Stylight. More than 800 tech enthusiasts and developers joined us in the “Alte Kongresshalle” to evolve and build amazing tech.

Sergii Khomenko and Gerald Madlmayr gave a workshop on Machine Learning using Google’s most up-to-date framework TensorFlow 2. Using Jupyter notebooks on Google Colab, they showed in a hands-on sessions on how to create a dataset of images, create and train a model and finally use this model to classify images with your browser.

The interested in the workshop exceeded our exceptions. After 10 mins all seats where booked. But anyhow, we tried to give all people interested the opportunity to learn on how to jump start into machine learning.


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