Make Munich 2016 Recap


We visited Make Munich 2016, an annual maker fair taking place in our beloved city. Here is a video recap of the cool things we saw there! Lots of robots, 3D printers and of course some interesting Fashion Tech projects.

Among the projects we liked the most:


“Exploring sustainable symbiotic and intelligent future materials for wearable technology”. If you’ve ever brewed kombucha the name SCOBY will sound familiar. It’s the “mushroom” that is produced as a result of fermenting tea. Very smoochy material when wet, it becomes this leather-like SciFi-looking material when dried and processed with natural oils. Personally reminds me of the movie eXistenz somehow…


MakeBlock is an open-source arduino robot building platform. It was everywhere on the fair, and for good reasons: It’s very affordable and through a recent partnership with Arduino aims at becoming one of the platform to teach kids how to code. Different kits are available, featuring Arduino components, beams, motors… For $75 you can get a cute robot (featured in the video) to teach your children (or yourself) the basis of programming.


The cutest robot of the fair. “designed by engineers for future engineers”, Zowi  is produced by which also build smartphones and 3D printers. The robot can be controlled by a tablet, it has very cool dancing moves (Look at “him” dancing in the video below), and also features a simplified programming language to help kids get into STEM, for a mere 99 Euros.



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