12 Hours With Aki, Stylight’s Event Manager


Define yourself in one hashtag
#aki 😀

What would be your definition of success?
Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation – Seneca… and so is success!

Describe your power outfit
Black culottes, a simple black top and my white Superga Plateau Sneakers (I NEED comfy shoes in my job). Oh! and my small black furry handbag (which is a space miracle – you can literally fit anything in there).

Biggest surprise since working at Stylight?
The amount of responsibility you have, even from your first day – Stylight offers so much freedom and possibility to grow.

And so, what’s your last thought before you go to sleep?
10 Million things at once… and something like “f***, the light’s still on but the switch is all the way across the room”

A word that describes your job for each letter of your name?
(And again I’m thanking my parents for this insanely long name :D)

Khaotic (let’s pretend this is a ‘C’)  
Artsy (and a little awkward about it)
N…ot enough ideas for so many N’s in one name

Someone you’d love to have coffee with
Puh! There’s way too many people I want to find out more about to pick only one, but, as I am a real coffee junky, which I totally got from my mum, I’d pick her.

The best gift you’ve ever received
A golden necklace that I got from my grandma since my birth. I haven’t taken it off in years..

‘Home’ means…?
Home for me is no specific place – it’s about feeling comfortable with people and my surroundings. Places where I feel home always have a special, positive energy and atmosphere. It’s about being with people that take and love me for who I am although they know all my weirdnesses.


Aki Stylight Event Manager

The first thing I do after waking up is to switch on the best coffee machine in the world. I got it for my birthday just this year – best friends EVER! Clearly my friends know me too well, I am a genuine coffee addict. They’ve also realised that I’m not a morning person either, so coffee is an essential part of morning routine (and my day).
I ask myself the same question every day – What to wear? You might think that owning mostly only black shoes (yes that’s right, I may have a slight addiction) might help, but it really doesn’t. The combination of not being a morning person and having to take decisions takes me quite some time every day.

Aki Stylight Event Manager

Leaving the house – I’m trying to take my fold-bike ‘Fritzie’ to work whenever I can. With him, it takes me about 20 Minutes to get to the Stylight office. By the way, I bought Fritzie from my colleague Joelle, who wrote about him in her ‘12 hours with’ (thank god he’s stayed within the Stylight family).

Aki Stylight Event Manager

Every day since we started to plan the daho.am conference 2016 (which is our most important event when it comes to Stylight Tech marketing), I meet with our Evangelist Engineer, Johann for our short stand-up, where we give each other quick updates. Next to our regular PR events, I love my job for also being able to take care of events like just the daho.am. Every year the daho.am manages to gather huge players from within the digital industry, with speakers coming in from Google, Facebook and Spotify. There are so many interesting people to network with!
It’s delivery time… again. There are only 6 weeks to go before Stylight’s biggest event of the year- The Stylight Awards, and deliveries are literally arriving on a daily basis. I’m really lucky to manage such a patient and ambitious event team, who, after the 100th box to be carried from the ground floor to our first floor storage, still have a big, big smile on their faces.

Aki Stylight Event Manager

FOOOOOOOOOOOD Time! Another really important question that pops up (mostly around 11AM) – What to eat? Yep, the struggle is real! After normally spending quite some time in the supermarket, I’ll end up with the same thing every day. Cue the salad. Today I picked baby spinach, halloumi, cottage cheese and strawberries. Spending my lunch breaks with my colleagues is great as their also my close friends.
This is the time when I’m usually jumping from meetings to calls and back to meetings, the whole day… always with a coffee in my hand, of course. Today? I was actually on the phone with Mattel to talk about their sponsoring of The Stylight Awards with Barbie!

Aki Stylight Event Manager

I’m really happy to be able to work within a great atmosphere, with such an awesome international team around me. I’m really proud of being a part of the Brand Marketing team, with my little event team being a part of it. Having such ambitious, creative and inspiring people around me is extremely motivating.

Aki Stylight Event Manager

In Germany you’d say – ‘Feierabend!’ Tonight I’m heading to dinner with some friends straight from the Stylight office. For this, I’ve brought along my magic furry bag – this bag’s been by my side for quite a while now and it is perfect for my job, as it is just a bottomless pit of wonder. You could put just about anything in there… literally. A must-wear for all my event outfits.
Dinner-Time: I’m very much an ‘eating out’ kind of girl (I’m really not the best cook). Munich is perfect for this, there are so, so many great places to discover and chow down at. I love spending my evenings with my lovelies and food.

Aki Stylight Event Manager

This seems like such a cliché Event Manager thing to do and I swear this usually doesn’t happen too often, but today I’m actually invited to an event. A big fashion brand is celebrating an store opening in a club in Munich and I’m going there to network a little. I’ll be honest, I really like this aspect of my job, which allows me to meet interesting people and exchange ideas with them beyond the usual working hours. The most exciting part of the night? I met Jakob from the German fashion blog Dandy Diary, again. You know Dandy Diary will be part of The Stylight Awards? Performing as Live DJ  Act, as well as bringing  food specials from their newly opened food store, Dandy Diner in Berlin. I can’t wait :)…
I’m that strange combination of being a night person and loving sleep way too much. If I’m out I can usually stay up forever, but as soon as I see my bed, that’s it! I fall asleep right away and I sleep best when there are a few noises. I’ll usually watch some old-school series (right now it’s Prince of Bel Air) or listen to old vinyl I stole from my Dad’s collection. Tonight it’s Elvis!

Aki Stylight Event Manager Elvis

|By Aki Hertlein – Event Manager|
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