12 hours with: Alberto, Stylight’s Interaction Designer


Stylighters are awesome and we want to let the world know! That’s why we decided to show you what our work-life balance looks like; what do we have for breakfast, what’s our idea of success, and much more!
To start: meet Alberto, our Interaction Designer. Who knows, he may be your future colleague and it’s good to know that, for him, the only coffee worth drinking in the whole world is a good espresso!

Define yourself in one hashtag

What’s your definition of success?
Do what I love most as my daily job as well as learning enough from it to be able to teach somebody else.

Your power outfit?
Always a patterned shirt with straight-cut beige trousers, a leather braided belt and Nike sneakers.

Biggest surprise working at Stylight?
The freedom to choose the tool and the workflow I want in order to work in very best way possible .

Last thought before you go to sleep?
I often think about what I’m currently working on personally and professionally, and what the next steps for those things would be.

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name

Person you’d love to have coffee with
Someone I don’t know with a very different background and mindset than I have. I love to meet people with whom I have nothing in common so that I can learn from them and be inspired by their life/stories.

Best gift you’ve ever received
Muji coloured pen set

‘Home’ means…?
The place where you feel in the right place. Home isn’t necessarily your hometown or a place you are so comfortable in that you don’t want to leave. It’s just about how you feel.



STYLIGHT 12 hours with

Ten minutes to 8am, which means it’s time to go out. I like to wake up early and be one of the first in the office.
I don’t live in the center so I have to wait for the S-Bahn to get to the city center of Munich. I really like the S-Bahn as (just like with every metro in the world) it is a fantastic small community where you will see many different kinds of people that exist in the city all together for some time.


STYLIGHT 12 hours with

Chocolate cereal in the morning is for me the best breakfast ever. I like to have it in a glass rather than in a bowl. Every day my colleagues ask me why – is it that weird?
This is the time we have our stand-up meeting. I explain to my team what I will be working on during the day and I learn what other people will be working on. We call ourselves the Avenger Squad as we love superheroes. I’m actually Aquaman.


STYLIGHT 12 hours with

As an interaction designer at Stylight, I sketch a lot in order to find the best solution for the user. Paper and pen come before Photoshop.
Salad, tuna, boiled eggs, feta, tomato and a French dressing is my recipe for the perfect salad.


STYLIGHT 12 hours with

Yes, I’m Italian, so a good espresso after lunch is mandatory.
Let’s make the sketch I did this morning beautiful and understandable, I really love Photoshop, everything is so easy.


STYLIGHT 12 hours with

I play rugby. I’ve been the loosehead prop since I started playing 5 years ago in Italy. Now that I live here I play for the Munich rugby team.
After training I don’t have time to have a regular or sit-down dinner so I grab something on my way to or whilst waiting for the S-bahn.


STYLIGHT 12 hours with

I close the day as I started: on the S-Bahn.
It is tiring getting home so late almost everyday, but having such a rewarding day, it’s definitely worth it!



|By Alberto Andreetto|

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