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Define yourself in one hashtag
#IfYouCantDoItLearnIt – I’m always eager to learn new things, professional as well as personal skills, because to me it’s important to keep on growing. Right about now I’m learning how to play the piano (again) and delving into photography, but a personal project of mine is also website development.

What do you define as success?
Success? This is when you do what you love and with the people that inspire you and continuously encourage you to go that one step further. Really, success for me is quite dynamic. It doesn’t come easily and you’ve got to make continuous efforts to achieve it. But once you do, you’ve then got to push yourself even further to reach the next level.

What would you say is your power outfit?
Nothing really, but then again everything is in the detail… I think my power outfit would be made up of a white t-shirt with some kind of cool design or jokey slogan. Then the details would have to be my 7-days-of-the-week socks (yes, I own those). Worn correctly, these help me to remember exactly what day it is when I wake up in the morning.

Baptiste's Power Outfit and socks

Biggest surprise from working at Stylight?
How so ‘open-minded’ and ‘curious’ everyone is working here. Literally, every person has a different level of curiosity but we’re all here to achieve something great and you can really feel this as soon as you step one foot through the door.

Last thought before you go to sleep?
“What the heck am I going to wear tomorrow??”… Nah… Just kidding! 😉
Most of the time it’s – “It’s midnight, I wake up at 7.30am, so I have 7 hours and 30 minutes of sleep left… uhm ok, not enough but that’ll do!”. And the rest of the time –  “What can I learn or do or discover to become even better at being Baptiste? (on a pro and personal level)”

Can you put a word that describes your job for each letter of your name:
Bing (I’d prefer to put Google, but my name is not Gaptiste…)
Smart Thinking

Person you’d love to share a coffee with?
That’s actually a really hard question for multiple reasons. For one – the people. Someone who is inspirational to me on emotional, creative and professional levels. So, I’d go with Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson or Pierre Richard (a French comedian, I LOVE his movies!). And two, because I don’t drink coffee. Can we make it a beer instead? 🙂

Best gift you’ve ever received?
For Christmas, when I was younger, I got this small plastic toy guitar but I broke it just after 3 weeks (the shame). But to make up for it I was given a piano keyboard, which I still have with me to this day! 🙂

‘Home’ means…?
… A place where someone can feel like themselves without any external constraints or judgements and where they can enjoy being surrounded by inspiring people, beautiful natural elements and good synergies.


7.00am – 7.30am (~8.00am)
That’s about the time when I get up-ish. It’s quite a wide time range as I don’t really have a specific moment or set routine when it comes to actually waking up. I just get up, shower, grab a warm drink (not coffee..) and I’m ready to go. ‘Morning person’ doesn’t fit my description so catching a few more z’s is more of a priority than let’s say, eating breakfast?

9am – 10am
Depending on when I manage to wake up, that’s about that time that I’ll arrive at the office. I am  not a morning person. Stylight are quite flexible with start times (which is great) so if I arrive one hour later, I’ll definitely be more than happy to stay one hour more during the evening!

10am is when we have our daily stand-up with the ‘SEO Avengers League’ team. During that time, every superhero explains what’s been accomplished from the previous day. Were there any blockers encountered? What will be the tasks carried out during this day? Stand-ups are the perfect time to know what Hulk, Captain America, or Nick Fury (FYI I’m Spider-Man) are currently working on.

Stylight SEO standup

Here it is! My internal clock just reminded me it’s time to regain some power and enjoy a delicious meal. Nominated: Burgers! Once a month (not seemingly always, but going strong for more than 2 years now), we ‘build’ and cook our own burgers. On the menu for today – Canadian Burgers. These look soooo…tasty and filled with love! Best thing about Burger Day? Savouring every bite with various colleagues & SHARING!

Burger Friday at Stylight 2014-2015

After the lunch break, so time to conduct a workshop with the Brand Marketing team. Introducing them to SEO best practices, such as keyword research, internal and external linking and page structure.

Baptiste SEO training Stylight

7 – 8pm
Oh look it’s home time. Finishing off my day listening to some great music whilst I’m riding the U-Bahn and then walking home. I don’t think it’s gets better than some funky/jazzy/moving/full-of-energy music like Aretha Franklin, The Allman Brothers Band or some slow B.B. King. Best yet!

I’m home but it’s time to prepare for the day ahead before I can start relaxing. For me, this means cooking up a storm for my lunch. I try to cook something different every week so I don’t establish a routine, and I so that I’ll expand my ‘cuisine’ skills with what I like to call ‘Mood Cooking’ (preparing something good that fits my current mood). Tonight it’s a delicious Potato Gratin with Blue Cheese and Walnuts. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch!

Mood Cooking by Baptiste - Potatoes Gratin with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

Now I’m done with all prep – it’s time to relax! How? Lots of different ways depending on my mood. Maybe I’ll play some piano, a little guitar (honestly I can reach up to 2 hours of practicing some nights!), read a French comic but in German so I can keep improving (I find Asterix comics are the best way to learn), or simply watch a movie – it changes every night! Once I’m relaxed, it’s finally time to go to bed (call that around 11pm or midnight) but not forgetting to prepare my ‘power outfit’ for the next day! (of course, gotta choose the right socks! ;))

Extra-hours hobbys - 12 hours with Baptiste


|By Baptiste Hausmann – SEO manager|

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