12 Hours with: Charlotte, Social Content Manager


Define yourself in one hashtag
#blessed (jk)

What’s your definition of success?
Being happy in what you do on a day to day basis

Your power outfit?
All black errything with amazing shoes!

Biggest surprise working at Stylight?
The autonomy we’re given to explore new things and constantly learn

Last thought before you go to sleep?
What the hell am I going to wear tomorrow morning?!

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name
All day
Real life
Time sensitive
Every day!

Person you’d love to have coffee with
Skip coffee and straight to a glass of wine with Matt Bellassai, he’s my spirit animal

Best gift you’ve ever received
A bracelet my boyf gave to me the first time I visited Italy

‘Home’ means…?
Somewhere surrounded by my favourite things with a good cup of tea!




First alarm goes off, snooze, then I check our social channels and post the first Instagram pic of the day (yep, it’s really the first thing I do before getting out of bed!)
9:00 ish
I start my walk to work, I only live about 5 mins away which is super handy, plus it’s really nice to have a short walk before beginning my day at the office.



Double espresso and banana time; I’m not really a breakfast person so I keep things simple.
The monitoring and scheduling of our social channels begins. I always check Twitter first to see what’s been happening since last night and catch up on the latest news before planning the day’s content.



And it’s time for lunch! My go-to lunch is avocado, tomatoes & mini mozzarella, it’s a goodun!
Is time for more Instagram; we post multiple times a day so around 2pm is usually a good time as it covers the lunch period for Europe and London plus commuting time for NYC.



Planning, planning, planning! With so much content to create for every channel we have there’s a lot of planning involved. Thank God for spreadsheets!
Tea time! Or if it’s a quick pick-me-up, another espresso and a sweet treat.



We have our daily talk with our two satellite offices in London and New York and catch up with what everyone’s working on. We recently implemented the video conference calls which means we’re able to see, as well as speak to, each other which makes a huge difference when helping with communication.
The working day is done and so I usually head out to meet some friends in the city.



The wind-down begins with drinks and dinner, especially in the summer months when the weather is so lovely to sit out somewhere in Munich.
Bed time, usually spent either with my Kindle or a sneaky Netflix sesh!



|By Charlotte Stringer|

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