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Define yourself in a hashtag

What do you define as success?
Succeeding my own expectations and convincing myself that actually yeah, I CAN do this.

Describe your power outfit?
Always athleisure! All my outfits have to be practicable, especially when I’m on my bike (which is most days). Most of the time you’ll find me in sneakers, a blouson jacket and never without a huge backpack 😉

The biggest surprise since working at Stylight?
How fast people can adapt to become a team, even though there are so many different backgrounds. Things like language, profession, age…

Ok, and the last thought you had before going to sleep?
I’m often thinking about the night before and some of the previous day when I worried about several things. How did they work out today? What were the negative expectations I had? Most were unjustified (which always makes for a good night’s sleep)

So for each letter of your name – Can you  give a word that describes your job?
Create stuff
Hands on – I’m into the DIY preps for shoots
Research competitors to get…
Searching for images
Taking photos
Instagram for (the other I >inspiration)
New challenges &
Adventures – We built Stylight’s online magazine (Germany) from scratch and that itself was a totally new adventure for me

The one person you’d love to share a coffee with?
Anyone who kicks my a** and gets me to do all the stuff I don’t do. I’m one for blocking myself with silly excuses

The best gift you’ve ever been given?
Two years ago I felt so gifted because 25 friends of mine spent my entire birthday with me hiking up a mountain to 1884m, snow included! Hands down the best start to a new year of my life 😉
And besides that, everything and anything home and selfmade

‘Home’ means…?
Being settled somewhere, being in accordance with yourself, loving your friends and your job. Altogether finding your place in your city and working on your dreams


6.00am – 8.00am
My day starts between 6 and 8 in the morning, depending if I’m up for going to the gym or not 😉 I‘m a self-confessed early bird and I like to get up early so I can have a relaxed start to my day. Usually I begin with a bowl of fresh fruits & cereal or I’ll treat myself to a coffee  whilst journeying to work in the early morning sun.

Christina Ilchmann - Picture Editor at Stylight - Breakfast Time

9.00am – 12.00pm
My daily routine as Picture Editor for the Stylight magazine can roughly be separated into two parts. #1 Taking creative pictures or  #2 Searching for certain images from photo agencies. I need to provide the best visual language possible for all of the articles.

Christina Ilchmann - Picture Editor at Stylight - Working

During our daily team standup we talk through all the articles that we published the day before and discuss how well they performed. This alone is an extremely helpful and interesting part of working for a online magazine as you gain immediate feedback on your work and can change/improve your input everyday!

Christina Ilchmann - Picture Editor at Stylight - Snack

For lunch I bring in any leftovers from my dinner the day before. You can usually find me sitting in Stylight’s atrium (or soaking up some summer sun in front of the office). The spaces are perfect for meeting and chatting with Stylighters from the numerous other teams we have within the company.

Admittedly, I love our office. The cool couches and the swings in the atrium are pretty much the ideal place for a shoot/ nap/relax/coffee any time of the day.

Christina Ilchmann - Picture Editor at Stylight - Sports

During the afternoons I make myself comfy sitting at my desk, ready to edit pictures from the morning’s shoots. Prepping and getting them 100% ready to go live on magazine posts.

End of work and I’m on my bike. I adore bike rides and Munich is the perfect place for them – even during the week you can escape the city and the rush with just a half an hour’s ride into the surrounding nature. This is the best way for me to relax and recap events from the day, or maybe just listen to music or call some friends. I bought myself a new bike at the start of the year as I’m eager to challenge myself to join a race around Munich in the fall. I’ve been trying to train as often as I can.

And when I’m not on my bike, I love to practice yoga, maybe go for a good hike and seek out adventures with friends.

Christina Ilchmann - Picture Editor at Stylight - Evening

For dinner I’m cooking for or even with my friends. My home is my castle and I like to invite people over as much as I can. I’ve always tried to eat as healthy as possible, so what’s important to me is real homecooked meals with fresh ingredients.  

My friends and I love, love, love to go to concerts and enjoy live music as often as we can, especially when it involves new bands in small locations like Munich’s ‘milla’ . So many different bars and clubs in the city have open stages with some surprisingly talented musicians, so it’s so much fun to listen and enjoy. Munich really does have so much to offer when it comes to nightlife.

Bedtime varies strongly between 10pm and 1am but, as I feel totally blessed to have a job I love and for such a cool company, getting up and starting all over again the next day is never a problem.


|By Christina Ilchmann – Picture Editor|

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