12 Hours With the Lead PR Manager Joëlle


Define yourself in one hashtag:

What’s your definition of success?
Do what you love and do it with passion – you will always succeed!

Your power outfit?
All black everything – preferably mixing different styles (chic and casual) as well as fabrics such as leather and coarse knits. All topped off with gold jewellery and a bright lipstick.

Biggest surprise working at Stylight?
The trust you are given.

Last thought before you go to sleep?
My brain has too many tabs open.

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name

Person you’d love to have coffee with
Wow, it really is hard to chose one – there are way too many exceptional and inspiring characters out there. But one of my all time favorites to have coffee with is my mom (who, unfortunately, lives in Zurich)!

Best gift you’ve ever received
My silver Tissot watch.

‘Home’ means…?
Being surrounded by beloved ones that love you no matter how awkward you are and who understand why you don’t like sharing your sweets (all credit to my family and friends here…)



Joelle Lead PR Manager

The first thing I do after waking up: switch on my coffee machine. I usually have 2-3 cups before I leave the house; it’s quite addictive, but I cannot live without strong coffee. And, as a sweets lover, there is really nothing better than having chocolate for breakfast… just saying…
I never take selfies (yeah right…) no seriously, it is just very unlike me. So this is one I took for my mom. Every now and then she asks me for a picture, so she doesn’t forget me 😉


Joelle Lead PR Manager

Even though it only takes me about 5 minutes to walk to work, I often take my white folding bike. Seriously, this bike gets so much attention, you might even become a little jealous! And thanks to my colleague Stephie it even has an orange partner in crime at work, too.
I really love my job and my team! My position as Lead PR and Communications manager has so many versatile facets that it is really hard for me ever get bored (and I usually get bored quite easily). Leading a team of international PR managers, developing global communication with an individual, local approach, and being responsible for the whole corporate PR of a fashion tech company – right now I couldn’t imagine having a more motivating job.



Lunch tiiiime. Unfortunately I hate cooking, so you’ll hardly ever see me with home-cooked food that I’ve brought to work (even one of my friends was quite surprised when she recognized that I actually do own tupperware…); I just don’t enjoy being in the kitchen for too long.  So, even though it might not be the healthiest option for me and my wallet, I tend to grab food from the supermarket or one of the restaurants we have close to the office, for lunch.
As a coffee junkie – and just to get this straight, my addiction is based on good coffee and not pure caffeine –  I of course don’t stop after my morning coffee routine. So, this is most likely my 7th coffee by now (whooops!). For a change I chose to have one at Café Mahlefiz as I was meeting with an editor from Glamour Germany. These kind of business meetings are one of the essentials of die hard PR. If you are a networking artist, you’ll open the doors you want sooner rather than later.


Movember Stylight

With so many “fashion people” visiting us at our HQ in Munich these days, it might feel like we’re collectively going hipster, but no, actually our team is taking part once again in the global Movember movement to help the good cause of men’s health. We at Stylight have always enhanced diversity and the awareness of charitable causes. And as we are more than just colleagues, we love to do things for a good cause as a team and in true Stylight manner. It’s no wonder our event manager, Aki, and I have a blast coming up with cool ideas and props for the official Movember closing parté in Munich. Keep on growing MoBros and MoSistas!
Stylight is a true fashion tech company with tech geeks and fashion nerds 🙂 And I couldn’t imagine a better working environment than having so many smart people with complementary backgrounds sharing one mission: to make style happen! You might not think it at first glance, but I’m actually quite a lifestyle nerd. So, having a meeting with one of our techies – like today’s with our Engineering Evangelist, Johann, to discuss something about our tech communication – are one of my favourite parts of working at Stylight.


Joelle Lead PR Manager

Running time with my colleague and friend, Isi. Monday is our Runday and even though this looks very stereotypical – the fashion PR girl going for a run after work – I’m really not a very sporty person (people seem to be shocked, when I tell them that I have never been to a fitness studio!). But I do love those Monday evenings, which have actually become a small tradition for us.
Decisions, decisions. My wardrobe and I have a love-hate-relationship. I definitely have way too many clothes (Hello, cliché!). Whenever I’m indecisive, though I’ll just put on my power outfit: black on black with cool accessories and red or pink lipstick.  



I guess you’re actually supposed to have some sort of protein-detox-low-carb-vegan-vitamin-powerbar after doing sports, but well, I guess I won’t comment on that…
Usually Monday is not a day to go out for me, but we were invited to a business event which is always a great opportunity to network with digital natives and get to know new people within the industry; and it’s quite nice to go out on Mondays once in a while. I mean, is there any better way to kick off a successful week than with confetti?!




|By Joëlle Homberger|




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