12 Hours With…Pauline, Content Marketing Manager


Define yourself in one hashtag.
#longhairproblem: my hair is long and I can’t seem to manage it. Cutting would be the best option, but I am afraid of hairdressers (above all people).

What’s your definition of success?
Doing something you love and are proud of.

Your power outfit?
Leather pants, white sneakers and an oversized jean jacket. My favorite accessory to spice up a random look? The multi-finger ring!

Biggest surprise of working at Stylight?
People are actually nice, and dress more casually than I expected. Ripped jeans are common, and flip flops are tolerated in summer.

Last thought before you go to sleep?
How many hours am I going to sleep tonight ? 1…2…3…Zzzz …

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name.
Ultra cool and viral content
Linked to fashion events that
Interest journalists and young, aspiring woman
No pain, no gain, we have to take risks and constantly innovate!
E The End

Person you’d love to have coffee with?
Barry White or the Pope

Best gift you’ve ever received
A romantic picnic along the Isar River offered by my Stylight friends 🙂

‘Home’ means…?
Where you have people to share funny stories with….and a cute animal 🙂



Pauline Content marketing manager

I am definitely a morning person! I love to take my time in the morning to get ready and plan my day. How will I dress up today? Usually I wear ripped jeans and a perfecto with biker boots.
Breakfast time! This is my favorite meal of the day by far! I usually have slices of turkey over dark bread and a slice of cheese (afterall, I am French). Good thing about this time of the year is that we can find gingerbread and delicious figs imported from Turkey.


Pauline Content marketing manager

This is also when I  plan my day, and clear my mind by writing notes in my calendar (plus, coloring images to stay zen), reading the news, and checking Instagram.
I learn some German on the subway ride to work. My app even teaches me weird word combinations like the one above.


Pauline Content marketing manager

I arrive at work and start my day by monitoring our latest video campaign: Kids Review Fashion Weeks SS16, where a group of cute kids commented on the craziest looks from the most recent Spring/Summer 2016 collections. Have you seen it yet? We reached 100,000 Youtube and Facebook views! Check out this behind the screen pic!
It’s time for a quick standup meeting at the content board, where I can plan and visualize my daily tasks of the week. When I am off schedule, I’m given a red dot, ouch!


Pauline Content marketing manager

Time for lunch! Some days I go to the supermarket, or to my favorite Pho place right around the corner with my coworker, or bring my lunch from home. Here is a picture of something I’ve cooked recently: pumpkin risotto!
Brainstorming time! What I love about working in content marketing: everything is possible! We always find a time to hang out and discuss the major fashion and lifestyle events of the quarter. Who’s in, who’s out? What kind of stories can we tell journalists about?


Pauline Content marketing manager

Daily standup time! The whole team catches up around our TV screen, where we also call our awesome colleagues from the UK and US.
Wondering what our next campaign is? Something about the Kardashians, but shhhh, it is still a secret. 😉 Follow #KimyeKompass for more info.


Pauline Content marketing manager

I love to read on the way home. I am finishing up the Circle right now. My next move? The Rosie Project (can’t wait to start)!
I am back home – right in time for dinner! If I am lucky, someone might have cooked something for me, otherwise I throw something together and hope that I can still Instagram it with the hashtag #healthyfood. I tend to try everyday, but most of the time I cave in to pasta!
Netflix time. I love to lie on the couch under a warm blanket with some hot tea and watch a good TV series with my roommates.


|By Pauline Reuter|

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