12 Hours with: Phil, our Visual Content Designer


Define yourself in one hashtag

What’s your definition of success?
Turning your passion into your job.

Your power outfit?
A coloured or patterned t-shirt, jeans and some matching sneakers. I top off this power outfit with my favourite cap!

Biggest surprise working at Stylight?
How close engineers, fashion editors and marketing people all work together. I guess it´s their inate creativity that all brings them together. Very inspiring!

Last thought before you go to sleep?
I think about what the next day will bring. Most of the times, it’s a very good thought!

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name

Person you’d love to have coffee with
The people I always have coffee with are my colleagues, and I´d love to continue having coffee with them! It’s the best way to discuss daily obstacles we’re facing or brainstorm on current ideas in a casual way. Coffee makes every conversation better!

Best gift you’ve ever received
A Mac mini for Christmas. That’s how it all started actually…

‘Home’ means…?
Home is the place you don’t want to leave. Either because you live there and are attached to it or because people and memories make it hard to leave.




My alarm rings. Normally I get up quite fast, but sometimes the snooze button is my best friend in the morning.
Time to jump on my bike. Together with a good Spotify-playlist, I find it the best way to start the day. On the bike, you see all the little details in the city you miss when you go by car or public transport.



I love to be in the office really early — it’s the most peaceful time of the day. I start with a healthy breakfast.
Healthy breakfast? There’s always somebody who brings cake or donuts!



Lunchtime! Almost everybody eats in the office which makes it’s a good time to chat with the people you don’t see all the time.
A coffee after lunch is mandatory!
The US is finally awake, so the marketing team has it’s daily stand up via video chat. Sometimes the workflow suffers from the time-shift, but we try everything to stay aligned.



I love the speed of this company. There are so many different tasks and everybody’s eager to get things done that time flies. But now it’s time to explore the world outside the office. So back I jump on my bike and cycle through beautiful Munich
When I get home, I usually calm down for a few minutes on my fake balcony.



I love to cook. But today the weather is too good, so I choose BBQ at the Isar instead. I just live 3 minutes by bike from the river and it’s my place to be in summer.
Back at home, I review the day with my girlfriend. We actually talk too much about work sometimes, but then again shows that we’re both passionate about it.



|By Philipp Steinmetz|

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