“How I Met Your Managers” – Episode n°1


You’ve seen them at conferences, met them at meet-ups and around Stylight’s global offices, maybe hung out by the coffee machine? You just might have even shared a Bavarian beer or two? So let me ask you, just how well do you think you actually know them?

The young and ever ambitious Stylight Managers share one simple but unique goal – to help aspiring women evolve their style through the means of shoppable inspiration. Or in other words, Make Style Happen (surprising right?). But… were they really thinking about fashion & technology way back when? Yes. No. We mean, maybe?

Fear not! To resolve any doubts (big or small), we’re launching the ‘How I Met Your Managers’ series.

First up? Let us ‘informally’ introduce you to our resident computer scientist Sebastian Schuon and the ever enthusiastic Max Müller.

Bender and Pharrell Williams? Yeah, you might want to read on a little bit more about that one…

Basti Schuon Max Muller Stylight

|By Ilenia Sarman – PR & Communications Manager Italy|



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