Welcome to Oktoberfest: Stylight Pre-Wiesn Party 2015


You must be thinking that festival season is almost over, right? Wrong. Take into consideration the most important date in the Bavarian calendar and, well, you could say that the festivities have only just begun.

It’s no secret that our founding city of Munich is the home of Oktoberfest and with the festival just a matter of days away, it was only right that Stylight once again join forces with Red Nose Day and some of Munich’s most influential crowd of blogging VIPs and industry specialists to throw the best pre-Wiesn party to date.

So, on September 10th we saw the #StylightWiesn celebrations start early, and in true Stylight style our favourite fashion bloggers including Caroline Daur, Riccardo Simonetti and, Germany’s Next Top Model winner, Stefanie Giesinger, joined us for a delicious Bavarian-style brunch, as well as then indulging themselves in an exclusive Trachten fitting.

Hundreds of Trachten-wearing guests poured into our Wiesn-style market booths to help themselves to a mouth-watering Maß, traditional warm pretzels and a slice of Bavarian-cool.


(FLTR:) Fashion influencers Michael, Claudia, Frank, Riccardo, Magdalena, Sandra, Caroline and Nina in Angermaier Tracht.


The Stylight Management in Pre-Wiesn mood: (FLTR:) Anselm Bauer, Max Müller, Benjamin Günther, Sebastian Schuon, Nicolas Stadtelmeyer and Max-Josef Meier

As the Schnapps and Jägermeister flowed; if our guests weren’t riding the high-life on our very own Ferris Wheel you can bet you they were busting a move or two to Jazzrausch, our classic Bavarian band, and the full blown traditional Alphornbläser we had going on. Can anyone else think of a better way to sing along to ‘Ein Prosit’? We can’t!

Stylight Wiesn-8

Stylight Wiesn-18

And, well, you know us… like always we gifted our fantastic partygoers with one of our legendary goody bags. Well, we couldn’t leave all the fun at the party! If you’re curious to see what our guests got up to, just type the hashtag #StylightWiesn into Instagram, go to our event Facebook page or watch the video recap below for all the gossip and photos from the night.

Last but by no means least, our ticket sales accumulated to over 2,000€ with all the proceedings going straight to Red Nose Day!

So now that we’re all prepped and ready… who’s up for the real Wiesn season?


|By Verity Charmer|



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