Stylight’s team: The Secret of Purple Success


From a Munich-based start-up to a successful global e-commerce company: STYLIGHT’s numbers and figures clearly show our growing success.

Since the founding year in 2008, STYLIGHT has shown great potential and steady growth over the following years. In 2014 we experienced the turning point, when our team grew dramatically from 57 employees to 130, and growing even more to 150 employees in 2015. Quite an impressive milestone!


Moreover, STYLIGHT has opened two new offices in New York City and London. Our strategy of success is clearly working and one of the reasons is the team behind it all. Young, creative change-makers and innovation believers, the STYLIGHT team is almost completely under 35 years old.


You might think that a fashion e-commerce company would only have girl fashionistas in its team, but we’re about to dispel that stereotype. You might be surprised to learn that STYLIGHT’s team is completely diverse and consists of the creative hearts (32%), the girls and guys who are true logical skeletons (44.9%) and those, whose strategic mindset adds a secret note to the overall team structure (23.1%).


But what makes such a diverse group of people stick to one another? The answer is simple: complementary skills, appreciation and a common goal. Our 4 founders are a perfect example of this – 2 of them are tech geeks and 2 business strategists, who have united to create one of the world’s leading fashion online platforms. But most importantly it’s the chemistry behind the team, that results, not only in sharing, but also in open-minded behaviour, and openness for new cross-culture learning.

Just think of how many nationalities STYLIGHT’s team represents: over 150 people from 19 different countries. Isn’t it amazing? And we all love it, because it brings so much invaluable knowledge about other countries and cultures. One of the best things about it, is that you can hear so many languages over lunch: Portuguese, French, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and many more all at once. Almost like at a huge international airport. STYLIGHT is not only able to embrace diversity, it cultivates it, because only all together we can create and deliver the best quality work to the waiting world.


Thanks to this, STYLIGHTers almost never feel homesick, because our international team of young and talented people are like a family, who strive to succeed with a beloved common cause. Just like in most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home; STYLIGHT’s family members always leave something tasty from their national cuisines for others to try. Isn’t it a nice example of sharing and caring? And this is why we’re proud to bleed purple!

|By Anna Zlobenko |



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