ReactJS meetup live at Stylight



• 19:00 Networking

• 19:30 Johannes Stein, “Useful tips for your Webpack config”

• 19:45 Sebastian Slomski, “Error Handling in React”

• 20:00 Show-and-Tell Session: What is React being used for and how is it being used? (See the comments on this page for participants and topics.)

• Break, networking

• ~20:50 Peter Juras, “React with TypeScript”

Thanks to Fineway for sponsoring food and beverages and thanks to Stylight for hosting the event once again!

About the talks and the speakers:

Johannes Stein
Useful tips for your Webpack config

Webpack has become the de facto standard for bundling and packaging in React projects. While Webpack offers some amazing features, it has a steep learning curve and a few things might not be obvious at first. This talk will showcase some tips from avoiding require hell to maintaining compatibility with specific libraries.

About the speaker:
JavaScript has become my language for pretty much everything, and I’m trying to put React into everything I touch. I’ve been working with React day in, day out for about a year now and I’m absolutely loving it. Webpack has become my go-to bundling solution shortly after I started with React and I never looked back.

Sebastian Slomski
Error Handling in React

Error Handling is not trivial in React – especially if you render on the server. Every server side rendering error kills the node process. On the frontend, the whole application dies. We at Fineway built a small error handling solution built on redbox-react.

About the speaker:
Sebastian is the CTO of Fineway, a premium travel club. He loves React, builds REST APIs with Django and dreams about GraphQL.

Peter Juras
React with TypeScript

My talk gives an introduction to TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, and provides a tutorial on how to get started using React with TypeScript while weighing possible up- and downsides of using the two together.

About the speaker:
I’m studying HCI at the LMU. I’ve worked as a Program Manager Intern at Microsoft in Dublin and Redmond for a year and am now a working student at mobileX implementing a Cordova cross platform app with React.


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