3 Reasons Why it’s Amazing to be an Engineer in the SEO Team at Stylight


Have an impact

Yeah, I know, a lot of people say “you can make an impact here” so it’s easy to think that this is just some copypasta, but I assure you that it’s not.

We, the SEO team, are responsible for a big chunk of Stylight’s revenue. Our SEO engineering team is the main team responsible for this and for making sure that all the things we need to do to ensure that Google, Bing and other search engines see our site as relevant, are done.

Our work is to enable our millions of products, from thousands of brands, to be discoverable by web search engine crawlers, and that they’re showing the most relevant answer to people who are searching for these products on those search engines.

By working in the SEO team at leading fashion player in our industry, we help shape the digitalization of our clients, the shops, and that of our users, the searchers. We have millions of visits on our site, we digest terabytes of data to help make this company as cool as it is, and we help our clients make millions of euros in revenue from the traffic they get from us.

Yeah, we can say our work has an impact.

You own your own products

At Stylight, we software engineers have the opportunity to own our services from A to Z, which is great for a number of reasons. For example, we can decide how we want to solve a particular problem, which technology we want to use, how the architecture will look like, and, of course, we can optimize as much as necessary. Our services are our most precious creations, and we treat them as such. 

Of course, such ownership brings some challenges. Yes, you will be responsible for keeping the redis instance up-to-date on your stacks, all your dependencies working securely and your unit tests should cover many scenarios. But isn’t that fun?

We have many tools at our disposal and, if for some reason that’s not enough, it’s easy to get support from the company to add more tools as we see fit. We have big goals to achieve, and here we are allowed to think outside the box to do whatever is necessary to achieve these goals.

Our infrastructure team and all other engineering teams are always just a Slack message away to help us whenever we need. There are many talented engineers here, from which I, personally, have learned a lot from.

Background and mindsets diversity

In my team alone are 9 different nationalities which presents an amazing opportunity to open our eyes to different cultures and ways of looking at things. Different cultures also bring some conflicts for sure, but we all learn how to work around them and, more importantly, how to grow from them. People think differently and that’s a great way to learn how to see things from different perspectives and gives us an open-mind about the world.

Moving to a different country isn’t easy, and since 80% of Stylight’s engineers aren’t from Germany, we can say there’s a consensus on that. This is yet another reason why having such a diverse team is cool: people help each other. Learning German isn’t easy (and no, you won’t have to do that for work), but adapting to a new culture is even harder. Since we’re very international here, you will have help with that as well.

We’re looking for fun people to work with, especially because we think we’re fun ourselves! You don’t know us and it’s fair to assume that this is an exaggeration. But the many team and company parties, laughs during lunches and games in the evening would prove you wrong.

Have you seen pictures of our office already? If not, check them out here. This place has held hundreds of meetups, making us one of the most engaged companies in the startup scene around here. The best part of hosting such events is that they bring very smart people to discuss many interesting things, broadening our minds and making good connections.

Want to join this team? Look here for our open positions! There is one that would bring you straight to the SEO team 😉 Python Software Engineer.

By Yu Sun – Senior Software Engineer at Stylight


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