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The 3rd of June saw European Bicycle Day and so, with our aim to create an even healthier workplace, we STYLIGHTers decided to run a Bicycle Challenge during the whole month of June at our HQ, in Munich. Sporty, eco-friendly team members from the IT department to the Fashion Editorial team took part in our one-month challenge, committing themselves to ride daily to work, whilst creating a bit of friendly competition amongst co-workers.

Not only with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint, but also promoting teamwork, the STYLIGHT Bicycle Challenge was a great team experience filled with surprises; such as a bike-to-work breakfast where riders and non-riders shared riding experiences and enjoyed healthy food – the perfect way to start a successful day!


Bike-to-work breakfast at STYLIGHT

Bike-to-work breakfast in the STYLIGHT atrium


30 days later, still with the same passion for cycling, we ramped up our figures, having cycled over 3,646 kilometers, reduced more than 511 kg of CO2 and burned 85,306 calories. Just a great example of how companies, like STYLIGHT, can help the environment and contribute to keep Munich one of the healthiest and least-polluted cities in Europe.


Blogpost - Bike Challenge-not branded-02


Apart from kilometres cycled and calories burned, several studies also highlight the less obvious benefits of cycling to work being connected to employees’ productivity and their positive attitude to resolving work problems. Not being trapped in a traffic jam can even multiply labour productivity levels by up to four times! Moreover, Munich is blessed with a vast number of cycling lines, which also helps to reduce stress and anxiety: making the city the “hauptstadt” of bike lovers. Taking all these reasons into account, we couldn’t miss the chance to take part in the project as a team.

The Bicycle Challenge ended with an award ceremony, where STYLIGHTers were rewarded for team spirit and our commitment to a healthier workplace project. On top of all of that there was a great solo prize to the best performing participant, a team prize to the most collaborative team, plus a stylish black-on-black Pure Fix bike was raffled amongst all of the participants!


Pure Fix Cycle - Juliet in matte black, STYLIGHT challenge

Here you are: our winners with the Pure Fix Cycle – Juliet in matte black

An amazing surprise and the perfect excuse to keep riding throughout the whole year!


STYLIGHT bicycle challenge Pure FixSTYLIGHT Bicycle challenge


If you’re also a cycling fanatic and would love to enjoy your passion in Munich, take a look at all of our job opportunities here!

|By Verónica Cobos Sánchez|



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