Stylight goes green


International Earth Day began 45 years ago with the mission to broaden and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Scientists state that climate change could accelerate out of our control, putting the survival of the planet at risk (

Why do we think it’s relevant to support this cause? Global warming and, consequently climate change, will directly affect the way we understand life today. Floods, fires and even disease transmission could drastically raise. It is in our hands to take action and to prevent further and irreversible changes. No matter whether in our HQ in Munich, or in our offices in London and NYC, all STYLIGHTers are helping to make our working life better and greener!

How could we take action? We, STYLIGHT, wanted to join forces and increase awareness about environmental problems, raising our voice in support of this one-day-event.

Therefore, last Wednesday, Fabian Wadsworth, volcanic specialist from the LMU (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München) came to our HQ to explain to us the reasons why global warming could directly affect volcanic eruptions and how companies, and STYLIGHT as a team, could help to make a change. As he stated, global companies with a worldwide online presence have big communities of individuals who are really connected to the content they generate. Therefore, it’s a chance to take responsibility and to create and share an environmental conscience within those thousands of people.



Not only that, but to symbolize our eco-friendly aim, we decided to make our offices greener from the core! Taking our own plants to the office in order to improve the indoor air quality, reduce stress, and keep the environment on our minds.

We encourage all of you to adopt the green spirit and support the change with your own green acts!

| By Verónica Cobos Sánchez |



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