Seven Stylish Years of Stylight


In just 7 years, Stylight has gone from a small startup to a spritely Gazelle, and now holds the impressive title of Europe’s leading fashion aggregator, active in 15 countries worldwide, with over 10 million users every month. So, what better time to raise a glass to this success on our 7th birthday!

The old cliché of Germany as the non-fashionable cousin to its chic European relatives in France and Italy is long gone, making way for its unique approach of blending tech with lifestyle to create a powerful tool for fashionistas everywhere. So just how did we do it? We’ve split our 7 years of success into 7 key points.

1. Making the most of the market boom

As consumers have steadily moved away from busy high streets, towards the comfort of shopping online 24/7 from home, we took advantage of bringing all their favourite shops to them in one place. Because who likes trawling hundreds of online shops in search of the elusive perfect piece? No one, that’s who.

2. A product selection as far as the eye can see

In the past 7 years our online selection has grown to a whopping 5.5 million products! If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Stylight, it probably doesn’t exist. Seriously.

3. Searching: easy like a Sunday morning

With so many products it could feel like a chore sorting through them, but we’ve kept it nice and simple, as well as intuitive, with our filters for colour and style, as well as brand and shop. So whatever you’re looking for, it doesn’t take more than a few clicks to find it.

4. Shoppable inspiration; dangerous for your wallet, amazing for your self-confidence

With the introduction of our online magazine earlier this year, we were able to combine our two favourite parts of fashion: inspiration and shopping. Our editorial content doesn’t just show the latest trends and how to wear them, but you can buy the products involved then and there, helping our 2.8 million readers map their style journey, and making us Germany’s fastest growing online mag – not too shabby!

5. Fashion and the machine

One of our biggest assets has always been that our foundation lies in tech. Through our engineers and developers we’ve been able to create the basis for everything else to flourish. Our latest venture into machine learning has meant that we’ve now taken our tech to the next level, developing faster and more accurate ways to get 850 different attributes added to millions of products, and get them in front our users quicker.

6. If you’re there, we’re there

Millions of products are all well and good, but we know our audience wants to access them whenever, wherever, and with our mobile traffic increasing by a massive 116% from last year, and over a 139% increase in our app downloads, we invested a lot of time and love into our multi-platform experience. iOS user? There’s a dedicated app for your iPhone and iPad. Got an Android device? We’ve got the whole Stylight experience there for phone and tablet, too! If you’re browsing on it, we’re there with dedicated features and insights to make sure your shopping experience is as smooth as those new Gucci loafers you’re eyeing up!

7. We’re your biggest fan

Our users are at the core of everything we do, from user testing–to make sure our platform has everything you need in terms of both user experience and interaction–to the editorial articles written with you in mind. We take our audience’s needs seriously, so there will never be content or features that don’t make a millennial’s life easier. Everything at Stylight is built by millennials, for millennials.

Thank you to our team and you, the users, for making the first 7 years so sweet; here’s to many more! Find out more about Stylight’s growth in our case study:




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