A Week in the Life of a…Stylight Talent Program Member


So, you may have seen our Stylight Talent Program blog post and thought – ‘Just how does this program really work in practice?’

From early 2015 right up until today we’ve had around 40 Talent Program members join our program and start working here at Stylight. And since then our members have gone on to secure endless possibilities… Our guys have either gone back to studying at university or started working in a permanent position for another company. Others stayed on with us at Stylight as interns for different departments after wanting to delve deeper into other fields of expertise, some even changed their roles here to working students, whilst others took their first steps on the career ladder in junior positions for the departments they originally joined.

At present we have 14 Stylight Talent Program members working throughout a plethora of departments, from Business Development, Design, Editorial, Legal, Finance & Accounting, Video Production, Social Media, HR… to name a few. Eager to apply? If you think you’ll be available for 6 months, are willing to learn and above all, are ready to take on full responsibility for you and your team, then Stylight could be that next step you’ve been searching for. Check out our internship positions here!

To help make your deciding process even easier – we figured we’d introduce you to Nina Kricke and allow you the reader to gain an exclusive insight into her daily life as a Stylight Talent Program graduate and former intern for Content Marketing & Communications DACH.


Being an intern at Stylight

As an intern for the DACH region, I was based at Stylight’s HQ in Munich – just a stone’s throw away from the city centre, the beautiful English Garden and some of the trendiest bars & restaurants. And, as our modern office is located in the heart of Munich, the best way to get there is of course, by bike. It’s eco-friendly and you get to take in Munich’s breathtaking landscape.


After a relaxing weekend there is usually nothing more tiresome than getting out of bed on a sleepy monday morning. At Stylight we have the perfect recipe against the ‘monday morning blues’: just grab a bowl full of healthy cereal, top with fresh fruit and yogurt, pour yourself a coffee and have a little chat with your colleagues. As a true Stylighter, I know how to kick-off things on a monday.

Breakfast and PR tasks Stylight

After an energizing breakfast I’m ready to tackle the first task of my week. Today, it’s all about undertaking some PR work – finding promising contacts for the next content campaign, answering questions via the HelpDesk as well as making some important reminder calls.



Today I’m letting my creative mind flow by working on an upcoming content campaign. Right now our content team is toying with exciting video content: Kids react to Fashion Weeks – Style tips from some of the teeniest fashionistas around as they give their honest opinion about Fashion Week’s biggest hits and misses.

We’re never short of events here at Stylight. From the Bits & Pretzel after party, Pre-Wiesn blowout and Summer Sessions bash… preparation is vital which means all interns get together to help our Event Team with packing the awesome goodie bags for our guests.

Goodie bags Stylight



Wednesday lunch means Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) and this is definitely something worth staying around the office for! During this time a Stylighter shares his/her expert knowledge with the whole team. And as we are a bunch of creative people with various backgrounds in engineering, fashion, design, business… this is the perfect time to learn more about almost every topic. I remember one BBL being dedicated to building shapes with Lego bricks and therefore getting to the bottom of your subconsciousness. Another involved strengthening your mind with meditation whilst another BBL focused on the best negotiation techniques.

Brown Bag Lunch and Agile Coaching at Stylight



Thursday means: time to be creative! Today one of my task is to help the Social Media team creating amazing looks for our social pages. Hand-picking the hottest trends and styling them together into one overall look – pure fashion inspiration for our Stylight users via our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages!

Social looks Stylight



“TGIF” – that is our Stylight spirit of the day. But don’t get us wrong! At Stylight we love our work and we’re passionate about giving our best each day. Although, we do realise that our weekend is very well deserved.

To get some new ideas for our upcoming content campaigns and events, such as the Movember project, our content team conducts brainstorming sessions. This is done in groups so that we can let our ideas run wild! Even if you think your idea is super crazy, you’ll always find someone at Stylight who has an open mind and who’ll support you!

Last but not least: the Team Weekly! It’s one of the highlights of the week for every Stylighter – we love it because the whole team comes together and exchanges what has been happening over the past five days. Afterwards, we stay around to have a drink and celebrate our accomplishments.


After finishing the Stylight Talent Program, Nina decided to stay in Munich and study Fashion Journalism. Surrounded by the fashionistas here at Stylight, brainstorming content campaigns related to fashion and being inspired by our online magazine, Nina’s dream to further develop her skills and knowledge of the fashion industry was strongly reinforced. But that’s not all… during Nina’s 6 month internship experience, she’s decided to stay with us as a working student for our product processing department.

We are excited to further accompany Nina’s Stylight journey!


|By Maie de Smedt|



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