Stylight: Where autonomous driving meets Fashion.


At Stylight Innovation never stops. This time, the engineering teams got their hands on autonomously driving RoboCars in the course of Stylight’s RoboChallenge 2020. 

Six venturous teams took the challenge to develop an algorithm, that makes a rover pass a random parkour without any human interaction. The RoboCar is based on a Rasberry PI with a Robotic Shield to control various sensors on the rover. The sensors, namely ultrasonic and infrared, are for obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

The tasks for each team are the same: make the rover pass a secret parkour as quickly as possible. After 120 minutes of coding, debugging and tuning algorithms, the ultimate race of the night started. Our Six Teams RT1, Banana, FiveFingers, QuaQua, 8-bit and RoboDuck successfully completed the track, without injuring anyone in the audience. The teams showed different approaches on how to tackle the problem and therefore came up with different – more or less – smart solutions. In the end, everyone was a winner. 

Even after the race the teams — supported by beer and pizza — continued to work on improving their algorithmic solutions to beat each other. And maybe today this is the cornerstone for Stylight becoming Telas biggest competitor 😉

Find our public gist with the instructions here.


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