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STYLIGHT is growing! Within 7 years our small startup has become a leading European company with more than 150 employees operating across the globe. Initially, STYLIGHT’s decisions were made from the gut, typical for any startup. But this of course isn’t a ‘strategy’ you can pursue in the long run. Above all when your company is growing you need to feed the growing demand of the diversity of your team. This includes the HR package with its benefits, career paths which our employees can navigate for their future: what do I want to become? Where are my strengths? How can I develop them?



Herzlich Willkommen!

As STYLIGHT is not like any run of the mill company, we decided to involve our employees in the process of building the internal structure: with our very own World Café.

What exactly is a World Café? World Café is a method to bring a large group together to discuss issues which concern all of the participants. Why is it called a Café? Because it remains an informal, relaxed setting at a coffee table where everyone feels freer to discuss important issues.

Claas and Andreas from PerformPartner moderated the World Café on Monday 27th April discussing three topics:

  • Income & HR Package
  • Feedback & Performance Evaluation
  • Career Structure

After 5 hours of brainstorming and discussing, the event ended at 6pm with a big picture of all the ideas (thank you Manfred!) and a lot of homework for our founders. They will think about all the ideas and find specific outcomes for each topic as results are due (and promised!) within the next 8 weeks!



Some reasons we love working at STYLIGHT


Teamwork, teamwork and some more teamwork – that´s what we do at STYLIGHT!


World Café in the Atrium

|By Claas Triebel|



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