Our engineering team has revealed the “must-download” apps of the season (and probably of the year!) Thanks to their techie input, we’ll get to know what’s currently hot in the world of music, lifestyle, and game apps. Not only newbies will complete in the ranking, but also some well known apps which are being updated and include amazing new features. Let’s dip into our top 6!



Who’s still hasn’t discovered the Spotify app? From their offline mode to their new (a nd very) good looking interface, it has become the must-have app for music lovers. To keep ranking high, the Spotify team has teamed up with Shazam, creating an automatic playlist when “shazaming” the tunes you love. It’s time to create your own life soundtrack!

The best bit: You can always save your favourite tunes



Being a DJ is no longer just for the pros. Take your passion to the next level and become a DJ thanks to their easy toolkit and full access to iTunes and Spotify. At STYLIGHT, we’ve already tried it and we love it!

The best bit: From amateurs to pros, it’s made for everyone



Have you always wanted to get fit? Would you like to have the perfect shape for the summer? If so, don’t wait any longer, Freeletics is the app for you! The German startup has developed a complete training system which includes workouts, coaching and a nutrition guide. Though it’s a little tough at the beginning, the results are definitely worth it!

The best bit: There’s also a Freeletics community to train with and challenge other users



Who doesn’t love jelly? We certainly do and when we heard about this app, we couldn’t help but to try it. Jelly Splash is a colourful game, whose goal is none other than to create huge lines of Jelly in order to accumulate points and get to the next level. Simple, right?

The best bit: The new version includes a total of 420 levels, you won’t get tired of it




As foodies, we couldn’t skip this app. Yummly combines a huge lists of recipes (over 1 million in the American version) with a great search engine. But not only that, thanks to their technology, Yummly gets to know your taste, matching your recommended recipes to your personal preferences. It’s time not only to Instagram the best food in restaurants, but also make your own creations!

The best bit: It includes filters for vegetarian, vegan and non-gluten recipes



The new app from BuzzFeed and the new phenomenon out there. Can you imagine Tinder, but for animals? Stay with us… If so, welcome to Cute or Not! The concept is simple but addictive: to rate photos of people’s pets and say whether they’re cute or not. Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

The best bit: What could be better than watching cute doggies or funny grumpy cats?!


Have you already tried all of them? Which ones top your ranking? Let us know!

By Verónica Cobos


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