Two Very Different Coffees



“I’m so used to being surrounded by international people that sometimes I speak English to my mother.
And she doesn’t understand any English!”

Full name: Serena Milici, 23
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Intern Content Marketing Italy 
What did you study: Marketing Management
Nationality: Italian
Home town: Varese (where the Missoni family loves too), but I actually studied in Milan
Pets: Unfortunately none, but I´ve always wanted a cat
Favourite purple item: Nail polish
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? Someone from Human Resources; I thought about having my master in HR but I actually chose Marketing over it in the end.
How do you have your coffee? When I’m in Italy I ask for a ginseng coffee, but I can’t find it in Germany so I just drink cappuccino in the morning and caffè macchiato the rest of the day (cappuccino is ONLY for morning, guys!! Every time you drink it after lunch, an Italian cries!)
Favourite Munich hotspot? Everywhere! I LOVE this city
A book you´d like to recommend?: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

 “I’ve seen around 200 bands live
– and mostly got paid to do so :)”

Full name: Eva Lauerer, 26
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Social Media Manager
What did you study: Tourism Management and International Business
Nationality: German
Home town: Regensburg
Pets: A pink plastic flamingo
Favourite purple item: My purple IKEA wine glasses
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be?: Aki the Eventmanager
How do you have your coffee? Black with a tiny bit of milk
Favourite Munich hotspot?  The Isar river  part right behind Muffathalle
A book you´d like to recommend? Storyteller by Tim Walker (not too much text, but amazing pictures)


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