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With the emergence of new professional departments and titles (not always that understandable!) within the digital landscape, we’ve decided to add a new family member to our “12 Hours With..” and “Out of Hours With…” blogging series. And to introduce you to the faces, or let’s say ‘the shoes under Stylight’s desks’, in order to clarify exactly what Stylighters are doing across all departments. If you’ve ever wondered what PO or Engineering Evangelist stand for, read up on our new series “Under the Desk”.

First up? María, Android Developer.

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What is your all time favourite food? When did you first try it and how did you feel afterwards?

My favourite food has to be avocado! I could literally put avocado on everything! I actually tried it for the first time when I was living in Germany (about two years ago) but didn’t really like it so much… at first I thought ‘What’s all the fuss about? This is NOT good!’ I was soooo wrong.

If you had to choose one, what would be your favourite film? And who’s your favourite character from it?

My favourite ever film has to be ‘How to train your Dragon’, which is an animated movie about vikings and mythical dragons. Obviously the main dragon, Toothless is my fave! He’s so cute! And he can fly! I’d give anything to have him as a pet.

Ok so, if you could describe your job in one tweet, what would you say? (Remember that’s just 140 characters so keep it brief!)

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Let’s pretend now you’re talking to your gran, ok? Can you explain just 5 of your everyday tasks?

  1. I write code that becomes an app for people’s phones.
  2. Find creative solutions (Yes! programming is also creative :D) to build on the future of the Stylight Android app.
  3. Find improvements! Both for the code and for the usage of our apps.
  4. Monitor people’s happiness with the app through the ratings and feedback channels.
  5. Monitor the app’s performance: crash rate, time to load, usage, tracking…

And last but not least… could you include an inspirational work quote as well as a work icon? (yes, Garfield counts)

An inspirational quote that applies not only to work but to everything in life! From one of my favourite comic series (Calvin & Hobbes) 😀

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|By María Platero Sánchez – Android Developer|


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