3 reasons why it’s amazing to be a Content Marketing Manager at Stylight


Creativity, with a twist

As Content Marketing Managers, we are responsible for building our brand identity. We are the voice of the brand and we want our message to be as fresh and innovative as possible, in order to be relevant to our audiences. Discovering and analysing fashion or beauty trends, checking our data, and writing some inspiring editorial content is exciting! I love this creative part of the job and I love that none of my days are like the others, as we are tackling so many different topics on diverse channels. But good content is not so useful if nobody can see it… We are also responsible for strengthening our online presence. That means that another important part of the job is to make search engines as happy as our audience. The SEO strategy is a major part of our work, and I also enjoy making strategies to get the best visibility on Google.

Cross team collaboration

One of the things that I like the most at Stylight is the team work. As Content Marketing Managers, we are often working on projects that need some extra competencies – like tech integrations for our content management systems, creating inspiring social media content with our social team, working hand-in-hand with the designers or getting some SEO support. The SEO team works closely with us Content Managers to make sure that our stories are getting the best visibility possible. I really enjoy working with people from different backgrounds, an example being the engineers who support us and help our content reach the top of Google search pages. In general, the collaboration between different teams not only boosts our working relationships and team spirit, it also allows us to achieve our goals. All the different backgrounds, talents and skills come together to work towards a common goal and the outcomes are definitely more successful.

Company culture

Over the years, Stylight has developed a strong company culture. We have buddy programs for our newbies, plenty of team events like sports days, game nights, parties… and many occasions to exchange and bond with all our international colleagues. We managed to make it work also during the pandemic, with some remote events like a cooking class and many super funny Scribble nights. We also regularly organize “Open Fridays”, a day dedicated to creativity where employees have the opportunity to pitch an idea, gather a team and work on the project. Thanks to these days dedicated to innovation, we have been able to implement several projects with a social or environmental aspect for example. All of this makes me feel good to be part of the Stylight team, and next year will actually be my 10th year anniversary already!


By Marine Jullien – Lead Content Marketing Manager


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