Passion for learning


Passion for learning

Our working students explain how Stylight helps them grow

We at Stylight not only have passion for fashion and technology, but also for education! As the world’s leading online search platform for Fashion, Beauty and Design we feel the responsibility to not only provide value in our product, but also in the knowledge and the know-how passed down to those on their quest to grow. Our team spirit would not be the same without our young talents, their fresh insights and eagerness to learn.

Let’s hear it from 3 of our brilliant (hard)working students and interns: Anna (25, SEO Intern), Isabella (20, Working student @ Social media and Push marketing) and Jeremy (22, Working student @ Finance) – on why they picked Stylight and why Working-student and Internship programmes are the best way for young talents to grow.

First and foremost – describe Stylight with 3 words.

Jeremy: Innovative, appreciative, international.
Anna: Open, chill, dedicated.
Isabella: International, welcoming, hard-working.

Why did you decide to join Stylight?

Isabella: Working while studying (Media Management and Digital Marketing @ Hochschule Fresenius, Munich) allows me to put theoretical knowledge into practical use and learn even more than I ever would in the classroom. Since I’m interested in Fashion & Lifestyle, Stylight was the perfect place for me to get into the “marketing world” and work on interesting topics in a great international environment.
Anna: During my studies I focused solely on my academic work. After graduation (MSc in Economics @ LMU Munich), I decided that I wanted to get new experience and work in a completely different environment: fast-changing and modern.
Jeremy: It was important for me to find a job that I could combine with my full-time studies (Business and Economics) and to work in a company where I have the opportunity to gain relevant insights and knowledge. Flexible work environment, relatively small teams, insights into different areas within my field of work and open company culture are all reasons why I picked Stylight. Plus getting to know new people and cultures from all over the world, improving my business English – and all that in the heart of Munich. Where else can you find that? 😉 

What projects are you working on at the moment?
Which one is your favorite?

Jeremy: Within accounting I work on settling incoming payments from our American subsidiary for a clear overview of payments and recurring processes. I’m also involved in preparing and sending financial reports. But my biggest and favorite project is improving our cash flow forecast values for the coming months. The goal of this project is to track the values of our in-memory database system so that we can create easy-to-understand and more accurate forecasts throughout the year. This will support our financial overview and cash protection.
Isabella: As a true member of the “Gen Z” I have to admit that I wasn’t experienced with some of the older platforms. But since we are now working on expanding our organic social media content I’m happy to be a part of this project – learning new things, bringing content ideas and getting to know what does and doesn’t work for each target audience.
Anna: I am working on many projects related to analysis of performance of different website pages but my favorite project so far is development of new A/B tests. It’s like running an experiment: it must be precise, accurate, and relevant. But it’s also super exciting and fun.  

What is your biggest learning so far? 

Isabella: The onboarding weeks were definitely when I learned the most – so many tools and practices that I didn’t know before. But my proudest moment was finally creating and scheduling a newsletter all on my own. In general for me a big learning is how our team works together, how everyone is so happy to help each other and eager to achieve the best possible results.
Anna: I have learnt a lot about myself and my work style and I think the biggest one for me is that I can make mistakes and it’s not critical. I am allowed and actually inspired to learn, fail, and learn from it, no one is here to judge but to help and cheer me up. 
Jeremy: This is difficult to answer because I have already learnt so much regarding communication, strategy, and of course finance. However, until now I would say that my biggest learning refers to my Excel skills – learning how to proceed with more complex data sets, structuring good sheets, and increasing efficiency.

What is your favorite office area or perk?

Anna: Candy – tons of happy hippos ♥. And Nerf blasters.
Jeremy: The fridge in the atrium, because it is always filled with delicious cold drinks like Spezi or beer (But beer only after 4 o’clock ;))
Isabella: I love the whole office, it’s aesthetically pleasing for my Instagram eyes 😉 – very spacious and bright. The biggest perk, however, is the kitchen with great coffee and the fridge (somehow always stocked with sweets).

What are your goals after your studies and how does this experience help you achieve them?

Jeremy: I would like to gain further practical experience (national and international) and do an in-depth master’s degree afterwards. With the experience I have gained at Stylight I already know that the digital platform business is a very interesting and innovative business sector where I would like to further develop my education and that the finance area is where I see myself in the future.
Isabella: After I finish my Bachelor’s degree, I would like to do a Master’s and gain more work experience abroad. Social Media is definitely what I like doing the most at the moment, but I would also love to get more into Advertising & Communications in general. My dream has always been to work in Fashion Marketing – and that’s what I’m doing now. I just want to continue learning and growing – working at Stylight was the best decision for me to do exactly that!

If you too want to work and grow in a fun, international and innovative environment with strong team and core values, then check out our open positions for all levels of experience here. And learn even more about our core values and benefits that make working at Stylight a unique learning experience.

By Petra Pucherova – Online Marketing Manager




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