A Day in the Life of a STYLIGHT Editor


“The journey is the goal.”

Topics, Trends and Themes
2pm, my head hurts and my brain is empty. Nevertheless, an article must be written  and as quick as possible. And what do you need for a great article? Right, a fascinating issue. No issue, no content; no content, no article. But where do I get my topics from? How and where do I find the themes to provide you with the hottest news daily?

What I do
In the best case, it works like this: I wander through the streets, see something special and I´m super excited about it. It could be a flabbergasting outfit that I wish to know more about. It can be stories from friends which kept me up the whole night. It  can even be experiences I have had myself and now want to share with you SO bad.If this doesn’t work, I check the online magazines and blogs I passionately read and follow: such as stylebook.de, thisisjanewayne.com, journelles.de, tres-click.com, promiflash.de and so on. Here you can find something in accordance with the topics you’re looking for and know which ones are super important for the day. Now it’s getting interesting and I really have to tax my brain. It’s not just reading an article and then starting to write a new one. That would be totally boring with no added value. I try to extend the topic. First, I think why I’m interested in it. What was so exciting, that I couldn’t put it down? And lastly very important: What do YOU as a reader want to know?

High Risk, Low Fun
To find more information about the topic, the most important thing is good research. Above all, you need to find clear and trustworthy sources, compare these and dig deeper sometimes. There is nothing worse than to publish an article which is not true. The more security I have, the easier the writing gets.

The difficulties
OK, OK, I admit it: I’m a bumbling, messy person and let myself get easily distracted from the real issue. I switch from blog to blog and click my way through the mass of online magazines. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily. Journalism is often true to its motto: the journey is the goal. Do you know how many subjects, titles, ideals, scribbles and media I’ve already encountered which I actually stumbled upon? This blog post, for example, would probably never have been written otherwise.


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