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[UPDATE: read more about the 2015 edition of our Movember project here!]

As you might have read a month ago STYLIGHT supports Movember: the month of male health awareness. Our male colleagues set out to not shave their upper lip for 30 days, knowing that there would be times of embarrassment starting from the first facial hair arising. However, like with any other task, we STYLIGHTers see things  through to the end.

As with everything in life there are some gentlemen that are quicker with everything and some that are not so quick. So after two weeks time there was a mix of magnificent moustaches and some not yet moustache-worthy. Some of us gathered in the group of Mini-Mos in order to discuss how to better grow and others found out that cosmetic industry offers products like moustache softeners which had to be tried right away.  Seeing our colleagues with a moustache always reminded us of the purpose at hand: spread the word on male health and gather donations in order to support research on how to fight prostate and testicular cancer.

As we were split in two teams gathering donations each team came up with different ideas on how to raise funds and excel the other team. But we wouldn’t be STYLIGHT if we did not also work hand-in-hand across teams and this lead to events like baking hundreds of muffins to rasise money for both teams in the space of a lunch time. We not only gathered a lot of donations there but also had some of the tastiest muffins in Munich. For that and many other things big and small we have to thank our MoSisters for their extraordinary support throughout the whole month.



Movember Muffins by the STYLIGHT bakery


Over the weeks moustaches became more and more visible and some of us also documented the whole process, taking daily pictures of themselves as their moustaches grew. We got involved in discussions with parents, friends and others on why we were growing the moustache and from our side we can say that Movember was a total success, not only in getting the word out there but also in terms of making new experiences and bonding within the team. There are few things that could bring guys closer together than going out for lunch in a group of moustached brothers. The looks we drew on the streets of Munich were worth every itch at the beginning.



We´re proud, we´re grateful but most importantly, we´ve raised for Movember.


Now Movember comes to an end and teams MoSTYLIGHT and S’Mo’kinHot together have gathered over €1000  to support the cause of Movember. We celebrated STYLIGHT style with hosting the Moscars in our office where we honoured all colleagues who joined this noble cause. Moscars were rightfully awarded for the “Most Charitable Team” and the “Most awesome Mo” and of course some beverages to sip away the achievement. Well done all, and watch this space for more bonding activities – that´s what we´re about at STYLIGHT.


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