Beers and Bellies



“Though I always drink water out of a wine glass, I´m actually quite the beer expert!”


Full name: Baptiste Albert Brice Hausmann, my passport says 26
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Online Marketing Manager
What did you study: Master of International Business
Nationality: French (but also German and Belgian, depending on the occasion)
Home town: Hardricourt, France
Pets: Are sloths considered as pets? (I don’t own any, but I think they are fun)
Favourite purple item: The famous purple STYLIGHT cocktail of course! 😉
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be?: I guess someone in Product Development. It’s a bit technical and understanding customers’ behaviors, two things I happen to have some interest in.
How do you have your coffee? Invisible-style. What I mean is that I don´t drink coffee, instead I´m addicted to some other unnatural substances (energy drinks are keeping me up)
Favourite Munich hotspot? Many hotspots, depending on the season, but if I really have to choose, I’d say: Flaucher, enjoying some BBQ along the Isar and feel in holidays outside of the city, all year long. I also love me a good beer.. Tap House is a great place to go with their 200 varieties!
A book you´d like to recommend? not one, but two (I’m feeling generous): “Hamburger Gourmet” – best book to cook amazing burgers for our delicious burger day @STYLIGHT! and “The Gun Seller” by Hugh Laurie – – written by Dr. House himself – just the perfect mix of suspens, action, humor – you have the impression the main character IS Dr. House, hence hilarious!


“I wish I could be a fashion designer and work with Oscar de la Renta! For now I do a bellydance once in a spare moment!”

annaFull name: Anna Zlobenko, 26
Profession @ Stylight: Influencer Marketing Intern Russia
What did you study: Economics & Sustainability
Nationality: Ukrainian
Hometown: Kiev
Pets: Dreaming about a dog! 🙂
Favourite purple item: STYLIGHT heart logo + purple scarf from Dubai as a gift from my mom
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? Razan the UX Designer
How do you have your coffee? Cappuccino for breakfast & basta 😀
Favourite book: The Thorn Birds – Colleen McCullough
Favourite Munich hotspot? A bookstore close to Hohenzollernplatz and the Schwabing area in general



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