International Colleagues More Diverse than the UN Members


Not only do we stand for an exciting fashion-forward community, once you’re Inside Stylight you’re part of a large international community. Sitting in the atrium at lunch it’s a given you’ll be rubbing shoulders (it gets nice and busy at lunchtimes, everyone wants to sit together) with different nationalities.

Yes, we’re headquartered in Munich, but in the airy multi-level office you might as well be at a huge international airport with all the talk flying around in various languages. A buzzing atmosphere, vibrant and exciting like an airport, but minus the last minute dash thru Duty Free. Stylight’s strength definitely lies in its multi-cultural melting pot characteristic: it’s important to understand cultural differences between various fashion diaspora as it’s the only way we can cater so well to our international colleagues, giving them the best user and brand experience.


At Stylight you get to work with lots of clever people. Call me a bit of a snob, but so far I really appreciate the intellectual buzz of working with intelligent and creative people who all have something really interesting to say, no matter their background. Join the Italians as they have one of their espresso breaks at the coffee machine, or swing with the Swedish on one of the three swings. Dig into the fridge with the Dutch or watch a football game with the Bavarians (and beer) after work. Even lunchtimes generate ideas: the Brown Bag Lunch on #happyhumpday allows every willing person to share their expertise to a fact and food hungry audience. And for all that we work on a virtual shopping space, we do like to bring things back to analogue in the photobooth. When it all becomes too much we take a siesta–like the Spanish–in the sleeping room or nap out the tiredness on a couch. You know, all that awesomeness does cost quite some energy every day!

As greatly international as we are here at Stylight, as great the perks of being part of an international company are, we’re not just international when it comes to nationalities in the office, in fact we’re inter-Stylight now with multiple offices around the world. No matter how fast we will grow, and we will, the intimate INSIDE feeling is to remain as we connect with each other through the Inside Stylight blog.

Have a look at our exciting Stylight-origins map – who knows how purple it’ll look months from now <3 !!??



The calm before the lunch-time storm in the Atrium.



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