Build Your Tech Network


What makes Silicon Valley so special? This is the question I get all the time because I have spent 7 years deep in the trenches of San Francisco’s tech scene. My answer always remains the same: it’s the network!

It is estimated that by 2020, 1 million jobs in the European tech industry will go unfulfilled. It’s a war for talent amongst the companies: how do you make sure your company’s demand for talent is fulfilled? How can you as an individual find the hidden gems?

The answer is: investigate in building communities. By building communities, you raise your profile in front of key players in the scene, and therefore put yourself ahead of the game. From hosting and attending offline events such as Meetups, to contributing online, open-source projects, there are many ways to make your name heard and appreciated inside of the tech community.

That’s not all – the life of the community depends on the right mindset. I will touch on topics such as the importance of paying it forward, the art of connecting people and making things happen, and the necessity of being authentic.

[slideshare id=80303196&doc=buildyourtechnetwork5-170929213031]

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