Supply Chain Management on the Blockchain


In this workshop given at the awesome TECHFEST 2017, Johann, Tech Evangelist at Stylight built a simple system to demonstrate how to do Supply Chain Management on the Blockchain.

The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how, using very cheap components, we can track assets equipped with RFID tags in a supply chain management system and keep track of moving asset inside BlockchainDB.

The technology used for this workshop was NodeMCU (ESP8266), equipped with a MFRC522 RFID tag scanner. The NodeMCU is programmed using the Arduino IDE, and uses the PubSub client to connect to Azure IoT Hub MQTT.

We built a simple nodejs server, receiving MQTT payloads and writing either CREATE or UPDATE transactions in BlockchainDB (public IPDB instance in our case) which we use as our blockchain database.

Another small node.js server is listening on websockets for updates on IPDB and trigger a websocket event on the frontend built using VueJS, allowing the client to follow in real time the status of assets.

[slideshare id=79571401&doc=supplychainmanagementontheblockchain1-170908203902]




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