Out Of Hours: Bikram Yoga with Verónica


NAME: Verónica
AGE: 25

About Verónica, PR & Communications Manager Spain at Stylight

What’s your role at Stylight?

Since I landed at Stylight in April 2013, I’ve been working for the Spanish market. Currently my major goal is to make every Spaniard enjoy the Stylight.es shopping experience as PR & Communications Manager.

Any hidden passions or hobbies?

Besides working, I truly dedicate my free time to my hobbies. Sports and “green” stuff (let’s call it ecology) always rank at the top! A hidden passion? Well, it would definitely be Bikram Yoga! I first discovered yoga thanks to the yoga classes offered at Stylight every Monday. Being the perfect mix between mental and physical exercise, I find it great to relax–and even find myself–after a full day of emails and phone calls. The slight difference between Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga, and other practices is that yogis exercise in a room heated up to at least 38ºC with a humidity of 40%. Being one of the toughest forms of yoga, the whole lesson takes 90 minutes with a double sequence of 26 postures (‘Asanas’) and two breathing exercises (‘Pranayama’).

When did you first start your hobby/passion?

Though having become one of my favourite hobbies, I never expected to feel such a bond with yoga, as I tended to consider it boring. The Stylight yoga lessons made me understand how many possibilities this sport offered, and how many different kinds of it you can find; from Hatha to Vinyasa, including dynamic yoga and not forgetting the aerial practice.

Veronica Stylight corporate yoga

What does it bring to you? Why do you like it so much?

Family, (boy)friends, work sometimes generate a lot of headaches, don’t they? What’s the best way to deal with them? Do Bikram. It’s 90 minutes a day when I am exclusively dedicated to myself, body and mind, when daily problems seem to be smaller and I connect with my inner me. One hour and a half of pure, but healthy, selfiness.

Please define your passion in one hashtag

Could we make it two? #Namaste & #Savasana
While #Namaste is the traditional greeting between yogis, kind of meaning the divine in me thinks the divine in you is literally, freaking awesome, #Savasana–also called the death pose–is a little rest after every asana or at the end of the yoga class.

Tips from a Bikram Yoga Expert

The power outfit to rock it?

When it comes to Bikram, keep it tight and small as you will sweat a lot (yogis lose an average of 1-2 litres of water during the lesson)! A sports bra and shorts will work perfectly.

Veronica Stylight corporate yoga

Any advice for someone who would like to start?

Give it a go! I would recommend that everyone who has doubts about its benefits, just attend one lesson and check it out for themselves. The best way to do so is through free, corporate yoga lessons, thanks to initiatives such as Feel Good Management at Stylight; all employees can benefit from a pleasant yoga or fitness course right after work without even having to leave the office!

Some advantages of corporate yoga are:

  • Firstly, it’s the perfect way to break up your working routine, giving yourself more balance between business and personal aspects.
  • It reduces stress levels and generates endorphins. Basically, it makes you happy!
  • It’s healthy! It will prevent you from suffering from chronic health problems such as sleeplessness, which will ultimately improve the quality of your work and personal relationships.
  • It’s not that you will become Heidi Klum after one yoga lesson (not even after 20, to be honest…), but your body will gradually be better defined and you’ll feel amazing!
  • It improves the emotional well-being at the office; doing sports and laughing with your co-workers will make you closer to them and ultimately you’ll become more productive as a team.

Veronica Christina Corporate Yoga Stylight

As Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, states: “Yoga is the perfect vehicle to change yourself, creating a stronger and more powerful body and mind.”

Anything you would like to add.

Obviously, #Namaste, bros.

|By Verónica Cobos Sánchez – PR & Communications Manager Spain|


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