Encouraging fundraising in work environments: Movember at Stylight


When it comes to charities and work place, multiple opportunities to raise awareness amongst employees and externals are possible. Of course, this could take the form of simple fundraising, talks from external speakers or on a higher level, the whole team implication through team building activities. Participating to such cause has always been part of the Stylight spirit. For example, recently our Stylight Thrift Shop helped us to raise money for the Make A Wish e.V. Deutschland foundation.

Much more than an activity to empower and strengthen your team, it can have clear implications into its unity.

Fundraising at work: a benefit for the team

Raising awareness around a good cause surely helps your team go a step further. As we’ve experienced at Stylight, encouraging the whole team to work through a same charitable goal helps triggering new ideas, bringing people together, getting them to know each other a bit more, hence enabling this stronger sense of unity.

Help donations coming: make it fun

To support a charity the best we can, we need to make sure that donations keep on coming in. What’s a better way than making sure that both organizers and participants are having fun while doing so? Combining both this idea and our culture came naturally to us.

Let’s take the case of Movember at Stylight. It’s not the first year that the #StylightMo team joins the ride. It all started as a small initiative, in 2012, and grew over the years. Last year’s edition included the Official Movember Parté, closing the month and getting a bit more traction.

Also this year we encouraged all Stylighters to realize their very own fundraising ideas during the whole Movember month. Need some inspiration for your next fundraising event? Here’s what we came up with:

Whiskers and Whisky – the Official Shavedown with Jameson

Movember Shavedown Truck in front of the Stylight office

Mo’s initiating it: Aki, Event Manager at Stylight

What was it about? What’s better to start Movember than getting a clean shave while sipping a glass of Jameson Whisky? Nothing, we’ve got to say… In collaboration with Movember, the Wilkinson Movember truck showed up in front of our office for an occasion for our (male) colleagues to get rid of their facial hair and of course, for all of us, to enjoy their brand new faces.

Tiramisu meets Petite Beurre – France & Italy Fusion Feast

Mo’s initiating it: Italian and French employees of Stylight.

What was it about? This is another example of what a couple of employees can organize and make the magic happen for a noble cause. In this case, the French and Italian employees decided, not to compete, but to combine their talents and ideas. They came up with recipes such as: Vol au vent with garlic, mushrooms and cream, Polenta with Gorgonzola & Brie, Quiche with sundried Tomatoes and Lardo di Colonnata or Tiramisu with Petit Beurre. Combined with these, Aperol Spritz & Kir were proposed to the guests.

Funds raised: 185€.

Royal Flush for the Win: Moustache Poker Night

Poker night participants playing for raising awareness

Mo’s initiating it: Sam, professional poker face and Infra at Stylight

What was it about? A poker night organized with an entry fee fully donated to the Movember foundation. Do we need to say more?

Funds raised: 215€

Bring the Buns on – The Movemburger

The Movemburger at Stylight for Movember 2016 fundraising

Mo’s initiating it: Baptiste, Burger Expert & SEO Manager at Stylight

What was it about? 4 sessions, 12 burgers per session. The goal is simple: we come up with an original recipe and cook it all together at the lunch break. We enjoy the moment of cooking, mix & mingle and savouring a delicious burger. A certain amount is donated by each participant to the Movember foundation.

Funds raised: 415€.

Techie Tapas to kick off the weekend

Mo’s initiating it: Apps Team

What was it about? On a friday after work, the Apps Team prepared drinks and tapas to raise money. On the menu, Gin Tonics, tortillas patatas, Salmojero, Jamon with Tomato, Morcilla with scrambled eggs and grapes, etc..

This event was one of the highlights of the month, with the discovery of some culinary specialties from Spain as well as unveiling some cooking talents.

.And with an external meetup taking place on the same evening in the office, this was the perfect opportunity to bring even more people to get aware of the Movember cause and donate.

Funds raised: 580€.

Moustachy Cupcakes deliver sweet Appreciation

Preparation of the Appreciation Cupcakes for Movember 2016 at Stylight

Mo’s initiating it: Tamara, cooking blogger and Mobile Apps Marketing Manager at Stylight

What was it about? Movember-themed cupcakes prepared by Tamara the day before.  This lovely idea was not only benefiting the cause of Movember, however it also tackled one of our core values: Appreciation. Every Stylighter had the opportunity to send a personal  note along with the cupcake. In the morning, the little cupcakes were placed on the desks along with the note and guaranteed that everyone started their day with a good feeling.

Funds raised: 180€

The Stylight Movember 2016 Edition and the #StylightMo team helped to raise 1745€ (including individual donations) throughout the whole month. Thank you to all of the helpers and organizers, as well as the donators.

What is your stand on such initiatives? Do you encourage your employees to take part to charity organizations and activities?


|By Baptiste Hausmann – SEO Manager|


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