Beauty with a purpose: Stylight gives back


At Stylight, we love all things beauty. From shark sauce serum (seriously, check out our magazine) to achieving the perfect Oktoberfest braid, we’re serious about looking and feeling wunderbar. But more than that, we’re all about feel-good beauty; you know, the kind that makes you feel less ashamed about having a lip liner collection that would rival the most senior Sephora employee. Women make up 60% of the Stylight workforce, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that a huge portion of our team looks forward to our annual Beauty Bazaar.

Beauty Bazaar Stylight charity

The Stylight Beauty Bazaar is our chance to sell some of the products we receive from amazing brands throughout the year and give the proceeds to charity. The beauty aficionados of the office were spoiled this year with products from Marc Jacobs, GlamGlow, and Biotherm, just to name a few. The ladies of the office waited in line for the Brand and Content “doors” to open at 12:30 sharp (unfortunately our male Stylighter’s weren’t so keen on our bountiful collection of cat-eye inspiring eyeliners and makeup setting sprays – although one lucky guy did walk away with a great Hugo Boss cologne) to take their run at the pick.

This year all proceeds from the Beauty Bazaar went to the Erstmal Mensch charity. The Munich-based organization collects money and clothing to bring to refugees on external EU borders. They provide those in need with water, food, clothing, and temporary shelter.

So, some of our savvy Stylighter’s already have their Christmas shopping done (i.e. the ladies who swore they were *just* buying gifts) and money is going to an incredible cause; now tell us, what could be better than that?


By Kayla Kuefler – Junior Content Marketing Manager US


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